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My SIPS Project was planning then writing a fantasy novel. I chose this project because I’m very passionate about writing, and I love reading so much! I hope people will become inspired to be able to create their own things, whether it’s music, writing, books, or just whatever. At school and at home. No, not really. Just feedback on my Prologue. I researched and put together and organized everything else on my own.

One of my roadblocks was just kind of everything. At some point I would get writer’s block with my: plot, fantasy world, characters. Because I wanted to be very detailed and unrelated to me, I wanted to explore other backgrounds that I could TRY and put myself into.  Sometimes I would just have to step back, and then when all my jumbled thoughts cleared, I could get new ideas, or just examples from life generally.

My biggest success was probably my characters, I went in deep with them. I wanted to really explore their lives and experiences, and what impact those made on them in future years.  I feel accomplished, it’s really easy to create characters that are LIKE you because you know WHY they do things and everything. But when you’re creating a character with a completely different backstory, you have to find out WHY and make that apart of you.

I learned how to ask questions about my characters I was creating. Why? How does this impact them? What scares them? And I think it’s kinda changed how I see people now. It was definitely worth my time, I now know how all these great authors started out!

Yes, I made it to the showcase. It was amazing! I see all these computer programs with hours of coding, Syd’s project on lifting everyone, so many great ideas that can help OTHERS!




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I worked on editing my Prologue, and I finished it! YAY! I have been working on my first chapter, it’s coming along pretty good actually.


I love SIPS days, when you’re doing something you’re interested in, you get more involved in learning. You learn so much! And it’s nice to have time at school to work on something I would barely have time at home for.


Pick something you’re truly interested it, not like one of those phases where it’s exciting in the beginning, but that could LAST. And there will probably be some parts that are the more boring parts, but it’s the result that really is satisfying by doing all that hard work.




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I learned a little more about one of my “bad guys”, his family life, a little more into his backstory. Also Amara is really more close with her mom than I had originally thought, which helps explain some of her opinions.

I just need to go through my Prologue and edit whatever I need to.




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I worked on my Prologue for my book, I’m almost done.  I’m definitely not just gonna finish my book in the next month, but at least a couple of chapters.

But I’m probably just gonna present ONE chapter of my book.

I hope to inspire someone and help them know that everyone is unique. Which is kinda what my fantasy is based on, uniqueness.


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I finished my basic outline of my plot, I also added a few positive qualities to my female villain.  I have also been working on my Test Write at home for the beginning of my book, and now that I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do. So I’m writing a Prologue right now with this whole tragic backstory of my main character. My understanding of my fantasy world is becoming more clear, it’s kinda hard to understand since it’s based so individually on each person.


I read Gage Nerdin’s blog


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I have been working on my characters specifically, trying to find out their identity, what makes them themselves. And to try and find out a little more, I started writing a first chapter with just the exposition. I have a vague idea of my exposition, but it’s an idea. I’m still working on it, and I need to first figure out the whole plot first, but I think I got a basis of how my main character feels and why.


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I explored my character’s backstory. Where it all started. I’m slowly figuring her out. I’ve also explored some of her parent. I need to continue this short little backstory, keep exploring ALL my characters. Her mom, dad, and  everyone I don’t know yet. I think I did really good, I have not written a lot, but I just randomly created some info about my characters. It’s going good, but I still have so much to figure out. It’s so much harder than I thought. But I think I need to just let some stuff come, surprise myself.


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Researched a little more about specific animals. Starting to create the concrete rules for my fantasy world, simple facts and ideas. Continuing to work on that, figure out my characters. Including names and which characters fits in what group. Backstories. I feel like I did good, I explored different ideas and typed them out. I have some new ideas.


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I am currently creating an entire fantasy world, and in this I’m looking up animals and their meanings/symbols. It’s really interesting, all animals have downsides and weaknesse. And animals like the raven represent HEALING. Yes, Ravens aren’t all bad. So however far I get is how far I get. After I research the animals I have to somehow create different rules and how its all gonna work.

SIPS Pitch

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My passion is writing. I love creating different personalities and playing a mini movie in my head. I want to be able to express my characters and describe accordingly. To be able to paint a picture.


How do I surprise my readers? How do I keep them engaged? Where do I start planning?


I want to create a full complete plot for a book, and try to at least write the first chapter of it.


Rick Riordan





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