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Researched a little more about specific animals. Starting to create the concrete rules for my fantasy world, simple facts and ideas. Continuing to work on that, figure out my characters. Including names and which characters fits in what group. Backstories. I feel like I did good, I explored different ideas and typed them out. I have some new ideas.


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I am currently creating an entire fantasy world, and in this I’m looking up animals and their meanings/symbols. It’s really interesting, all animals have downsides and weaknesse. And animals like the raven represent HEALING. Yes, Ravens aren’t all bad. So however far I get is how far I get. After I research the animals I have to somehow create different rules and how its all gonna work.

SIPS Pitch

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My passion is writing. I love creating different personalities and playing a mini movie in my head. I want to be able to express my characters and describe accordingly. To be able to paint a picture.


How do I surprise my readers? How do I keep them engaged? Where do I start planning?


I want to create a full complete plot for a book, and try to at least write the first chapter of it.


Rick Riordan





Hello world!

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