(fake)Obituary:Brooklyn Jones

If someone had walked up to me and said that they had just met the most timid person on this planet I think I would have called them a big fat liar, that is, unless they had visited the cadaver of Brooklyn Jones. It all began on a sunny morning, the birds where chirping, the grass was so green and so soft, the sun was shinnying, and it was the best weather anyone could ever dream of. It was just a marvelous morning, and just like any other day work, so Brooklyn started to get ready for work. Brooklyn’s work was walking distance so everyday she would walk to work.

That day on her way back home there were no cars witch is unusual, so she crossed the street but when she was in the middle of the rode a car came out of know where and hit hit her it was so fast that she died, she was a mom with 2 children, a 13 year old and a 3 year old, two dogs and a cat at home wondering when will she get home, soon someone saw her and and called the police wen the police came there was also an ambulance, they picked her up and put her in. A few days later she was in the ground in a better place.

Every year on Christmas the kids would go and put fake wight flowers on the grave stone. Every Halloween they would decorate the grave stone with decorations. It made the children so happy to do this so every year they kept doing it. Ever since Brooklyn died the children have been living with there grandma and grandpa.

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