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Thanksgiving is a holiday that we give thanks to people for giving us things or telling each other that we are grateful for them. I am very grateful for my friends and my family, they are all there for me when I need them and they are always making me laugh. I am also grateful for school (Kinda) because it gives us something to to and it is also a good place to sleep. (jk) school is good because it helps you get a education so you can get into a good collage and get a god job and get paid well. O am also thankful for the people i go to school with because without them I wouldn’t have the buses on my shoulder i adore too much. I am happy to have all these things in my life so I can be the happiest I can be i guess.Image result for thankful

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  1. Brileigh at |

    I love how you said that about school! I am very grateful for it because some people don’t have the opportunity to even go to school. So I guess ill sit through the boring classes. ahah


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