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Dear Mom, I am reading the book Counting Stars for my book report. We have to do a book report, and it is do in 24 days. I am on page number 122. When I read in class I am reading like a page every minute so that is like almost 15 pages ever class. My teacher said, ” That is pretty good”. I have to read about like 5 pages a day to finish, but I think I am just going to read, well try to read about 10 pages a day. This is the link to the blog about my book Counting Stars, and it is the book for my book report. 

During class, I am helpful to the people around me. I am not a distraction, and I am willing to learn more. We fill out papers in class and I fill out everything and I am willing to help others out. If I don’t know something, like I don’t  understand something, my partner can help me out too.

On skyward their is blue mean exceeding and green means still really good and yellow means bad and red means didn’t turn in assignment. So on skyward I checked and I have all A’s and that means I have all blue that means exceeding so on skyward all my A’s were in BLUE .


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