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I choose the book The Running Dream. I choose this book because it was the first book I saw and I thought it was good when I read the summary of the book, and I thought I would give it a try. I also wanted to read it because I like running and I thought I would like it.

The reading level for my book is 7-12. On amazon it said the grade level not the reading level so I just said the grade level. In the summary of my book it says that the main character is 16.

The Author won a award of the┬áSchneider Family Book Award – Teen Book Winner. I don’t think it is well known in Utah because in the summary it says that she lives in California, so maybe but i don’t know if it is or not.

I already know that she has been in a car accident and loosed half of her leg. Then after that she thinks that her running career is over and that she will have to have a prosthetic leg. When I read the summary it said that after she has a prosthetic leg she will meet this girl Rosa who has cerebral palsy and they become friends.

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