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Counting Stars 

The Major character are the big characters the ones who move the story/plot. In my book the major characters are Margaret and her family. Margret wants to know about her ancestors. She wants to know where they went, and why they went their. She is curious, she wants to know more about her ancestors.

Margaret is the main character in my book, that means she is the biggest character in my book, she moves the story. The static/flat  character of the book is her sisters, when she has a question she rely’s on them to have a answer for the question. Margaret’s sidekick which is like the static person in the book because Margaret and always rely on her sisters.  Her sisters also depend on her.

The antagonist wants to stand in the way of change/doesn’t want change to happen. The antagonist is heck because she wants to go to heaven and she her ancestors and heck is stopping her from going. The Nemesis is someone the main character can’t defeat. I don’t have a Nemesis in my book.


Parent Teacher Conference Blog Post

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Dear Mom, I am reading the book Counting Stars for my book report. We have to do a book report, and it is do in 24 days. I am on page number 122. When I read in class I am reading like a page every minute so that is like almost 15 pages ever class. My teacher said, ” That is pretty good”. I have to read about like 5 pages a day to finish, but I think I am just going to read, well try to read about 10 pages a day. This is the link to the blog about my book Counting Stars, and it is the book for my book report. 

During class, I am helpful to the people around me. I am not a distraction, and I am willing to learn more. We fill out papers in class and I fill out everything and I am willing to help others out. If I don’t know something, like I don’t  understand something, my partner can help me out too.

On skyward their is blue mean exceeding and green means still really good and yellow means bad and red means didn’t turn in assignment. So on skyward I checked and I have all A’s and that means I have all blue that means exceeding so on skyward all my A’s were in BLUE .



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The setting in my book Counting Stars is that Margaret wants to she her grandfather again, because she never got to see him. She wants to go to the plays her grandfather went to, to learn about and where he went.

Margaret is in school, and she figures out where her grandfather went and ask’s her teacher where the places are. Then after school she walk’s to the places and tries to see why would he come here.

It is school time because, they have to go to school.  Margaret’s and her family, also go on walk’s.


Declaring my Book

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Counting Stars I chose this book because my mom picked it out, and I said it looked interesting to me, so we got it. I saw the bright blue cover and my mom pointed it out to me, and said you should get it, it looked fun to me. I found this book and the PG library .

The author’s full name is David Almond. David Almond was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1952 and grew up in a small mining town of felling.  After graduating he worked as a teacher for 5 years before removing to a remote artists’ commune in Norfolk to concentrate on his writing.  David Almond is age 66 years old.  He won the Carnegie Medal in 1999, and  the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize in 2015, and the Hans Christian Anderson Award for Writing in 2010, and the Micheal L. Printz Award in 2001, and Nestle Smarties Book Prize in 2003. Children’s novels, speculative fiction, Magic realism.  This is the link about David Almond.

My book was written in 2000, but have the 2002 copy. I matters to have the dates of everything about the book, so you know was addition you have or the copy. It is also just fun to find when it was actually published. The publisher chose the kind of pages and the wording the cover.

These are some similar books, The Sorting Room, and The Shattered Orb. The genre of the book is realistic fiction. I like this book because, well I haven’t read the whole book but it is good so far because she has a nice family and she is sad her grandpa die and wants to see him again.

My book has 224 pages in it. The book level is 7th grade and up. The age range of the book is 12 years and up. Here is the link for this information.

David Almond

My Favorite Book

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I like this book because it has humor in it and i like humor. It has friendship in it and I like that, I like having nice friends to always look back too. These two boys on the front cover are brothers, and I like it because they work to gather to build a fort. This book has 224 pages. This book is a humor and friendship and bullies book. I think it is a boy and a girl book it has boys as characters, but it can still be for girls.


Hello world!

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