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setting blog post

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Image result for images of the book THe Running Dream

I am reading the book The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen. I would say that the main setting would probably the school or outside, Because she has to go to school everyday and workout after school in the school and it would be outside because she always goes outside in the morning and runs and she works out she going running. She also loves doing both of those things school and running.

At the beginning of the book it is set is sad and in the morning or the middle of the day, she is in a hospital bed with half of her leg cut off. Then at the end of the book the setting is happy because she just ran a race with Rosa and finished and everyone is proud of her for accomplishing it.

One of the major events of the book was when she got in a car crash and the doctors had to cut off half of her leg. The weather was dark and sad and probably rain, it was a sad moment. Another major event was when her track team and school help her raise enough money for her to get a running leg. When that happens she is so happy and the sun us shining and everyone is happy they helped.

The setting changes the character in a lot of ways. In my book when it is sunny Jessica is happy and having fun with her friends or something, and when it is dark and rainy Jessica is sad or mad at something. People can have so many emotions.

Cast Characters For The Running Dream

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Image result for gal gadot Gal Gadot as Jessica Carlisle

I would cast this character because in the book it says “Jessica you have such pretty black hair.” Then Fiona said, you have pretty blue eyes, I wish I had blue eyes. In the book it also says “You still have a good fit body to start running right away,” Kyro said.

Image result for famous track athlete with black hairSanya Richards as Fiona

I would cast this character because in the book it says “Fiona you have the whitest teeth in the world.” Another one is “Even though I am shorter than you I can still run faster then you,” Fiona said to Jessica. Fiona asked Jessica,” who has been helping you with your math homework?”

Related imageSabrina Carpenter as Merryl

I would cast this character because in the book it says, “I have cuter clothes than you Jessica,” said Merryl. Merryl said,” you can have Gavin I will just have him come running back to me because you have black hair, did you know he only likes blondes,” said to Jessica. Merryl said to Gavin,”why don’t you like my blue eyes,  you like Jessica’s.”

 Zach Effron as Gavin

I would cast this character because in the book it says, ” You have pretty brown hair that flows in the wind.”Merryl said,”I will look into your pretty blue green eyes.” Kyro said,” You have a good body you should try the track team if you want.”

Term 4 Blog Post

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I choose the book The Running Dream. I choose this book because it was the first book I saw and I thought it was good when I read the summary of the book, and I thought I would give it a try. I also wanted to read it because I like running and I thought I would like it.

The reading level for my book is 7-12. On amazon it said the grade level not the reading level so I just said the grade level. In the summary of my book it says that the main character is 16.

The Author won a award of the Schneider Family Book Award – Teen Book Winner. I don’t think it is well known in Utah because in the summary it says that she lives in California, so maybe but i don’t know if it is or not.

I already know that she has been in a car accident and loosed half of her leg. Then after that she thinks that her running career is over and that she will have to have a prosthetic leg. When I read the summary it said that after she has a prosthetic leg she will meet this girl Rosa who has cerebral palsy and they become friends.

Image result for pictures of the book the running dream

self evaluation

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So on my read index score I got a 803 it is not what I wanted to get but I can do better next time and try to get a better score. I am not excited with my score so I am going to read a lot and try to do better next time. I think I read really good I think I am right on grade level but I just didn’t do good on reading index test. I felt like I could have done better but what ever, I am going to do better next time.

What I read for 3rd term was The One from the selection series and it was a really good book I would read it again. I don’t think I would change any thing about 3rd term I think it was just great and My book report was good and I just liked 3rd term it seemed easier than the rest of them.

For 4th term I am going to read The Running Dream because it seams good by the summary, and when we where doing our book reports I wanted a realistic fiction book that is real so ya. The book I chose I think is realistic fiction I am happy with my book. For this term since it is the last term I want to do really good and try to get all A’s. I almost have all A’s in this terms grades but I have a  A minus. But I am fine with that grade it still is a good grade. I am going to try to do really good this term.

Call to Adventure

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So my everyday life is pretty basic. So I wake up for school. Get ready and go to school and learn about things that I didn’t know before. Then I go home and do my homework for school then I go to basketball and practice with my team for a couple of hours and then I go home and shower and then go to bed. That is my daily life pretty simple.                           My call to adventure is wanting to make the ninth girls basketball team. I want to to make the team so I am going to practice everyday and work hard to get it. I would be so excited to make the team and it would be so fun to do it to. Then if I make it then I will have more confidence in myself that I just made the team. Then my sisters will try out to and maybe we will all make the team and we will be so happy that we made the team.                                                                   The things that are holding me back are school and all the school that maybe I will get behind on my school work, that I maybe won’t make the team if I don’t do good  in school. I will study hard for my classes and then I will probably make the team if I try hard.                                                                                                                                                                            My mentors are my mom and dad and friends and brothers and sisters. They will help me on my adventure because they will help me get better by practicing with me in my free time. They cImage result for picture of a girl playing basketballan help me with my school work so I can make the team.


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A talent/skill that I have that helps me help others in basketball. I help people on my team at practice when we learn I help then do it and then we are able to do it right. I want to help them because then it makes are team better and then we can win games and have more confidence in ourselves. My team and I practice at the pg jr. high and we go and learn basketball skills and more plays to do in a game. Sometimes we play games at practice when we have extra time after we have been working hard.

I change I have over came was when I had to speak in sacrament. I overcome it but it was very scary but with my mom and dads help I did it and I felt good about it. A few months ago I over came it and a new person in the ward was speaking to and we were both scared out of our minds up their ready to speak. But I thought in my head that everyone has to do it once in their life’s and it was my turn to do it and I felt good about it.Image result for a picture of a paper with words on it

Blog Update

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During Christmas break I went and saw Wonder and Jumanji in the movies. I also went and hung out with my friends and that was really fun we played card games, door bell ditched people, and I also went ice skating with them and I slipped a couple of times but it was still fun with them and then after that we went and cleaned my friends dad’s office and then for that reword we got to go to Pizza Factory and that was good and then we went to the church and played basketball and then I went to my grandmas house.

I chose to read the book The One from the Selection series. I chose this book because it was what my mom picked out for me at the library and we didn’t have enough time to pick out another book so now I have this book, and I think it might be a good book. The person who wrote this book is Kiera Cass here is the link Amazon link here  This book is directed for teens. If you look on amazon it will tell you.  Amazon link here

For my new years resolution I chose to try to keep my room clean everyday and make my bed everyday and and try to have my floor have nothing on it.

Me Poem

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I like the song “The Anthem of Awesome” the best. I like this song because it says that “I’m not perfect” and I am not perfect no one is perfect we all our are selves, we are all different, and unique. The says “there is always something to pursue and always something to celebrate.” That relates to me because I am always trying to do something else, and I always want to celebrate everything that I accomplish.     I choose a basketball as my picture, because I love basketball I love the sport. I have always loved it and I have played since 5th grade with my sisters and my cousin on my team it was so fun. I always want to play one on one against my sisters and get better at defence.

End of term 1

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This term, I read the book Counting Stars it took me till August and till October 2 that gave me time to read my book in time for my book report.  I felt a little rushed and overwhelmed. If I were to redo that over again I would read my book more thoroughly. For next quarter I would probably read more thoroughly and think more about what I read.

I don’t really like writing papers. But I will if I have too. I think blog posts are nice because it saves your writing and it makes it easy for the teacher to grade them. I also think that asdpages makes it easy to type blogs. I wish that you didn’t have to publish it and it would already submit, because sometimes I forget to publish the papers.

I think book reports are a waist of time. It make me so stressed out and makes me forget the book it make me so stressed out and my mom gets stressed too. If If I were to do it over again I would make sure to have everything on it.


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My book is called Counting Stars and the symbol that the author choose for this book is the stars. Because the main character of the book always talks about the stars and she wants to go up into them and see if her ancestors are in the stars or to see if they are in heaven and she wants to go to heaven to see them and she finds what her ancestors would like to do and she would go their.

The author of my book choose the cover for my book and it had stars on it and the stars are the main symbol of the book. I am glad he put stars on it because the main character is talking about the stars. So I am glad h the author choose the cover he did. The author was wanting boys and girls to read this book. It is good for both genders. I know that because when I looked on amazon is said it is for boys and girls. I also know because I read the book and their is some part the girls will like and some parts the boys will like about the book.

The theme that I think that will go good with my book is that you can go to heck or heaven in the good place or the bad place. But you can be good if  you are richous you will go to heaven and see you ancestors or if you are not good than you will try to be good. But the main character just wants to see her ancestors.



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