The end is half way upon us

I am proud of how this semester went I definitely learned a LOT.  I developed a lot of skills and have become a better writer and reader. I should read more then I did last semester, I only read one book I’m not much of a reader but I should change that before I get to high school. Over the break I am going to make myself pick up a book and read at least 5 pages. I have trouble finding a book I am interested in and look forward to reading. I’m looking forward to this upcoming semester. thank you

1% gain

I’m going to read a little bit faster than what i’m used to and comfortable with. I’ll look at my book every day and read a little bit faster than i’m used to, I have a terrible habit of reading really slowly and taking my precious time. I believe that down the road I will be quicker and a more efficient reader so I can read quickly and get my work done more efficiently. Reading quickly is a skill I desperately need I take so much time on the reading It takes me a while to get to my assignment

The sticky issue of equality

The dictionary definition of equality is “the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.” And as the government used to say “separate but equal” which doesn’t mean what they are trying to say to say people are separate but equal is absolutely insane, to say that some one is equal means they can sit and stand in the same spaces and spots as everyone else. Saying that you are separate but equal doesn’t do much because equality means the same no matter what and to have police and the government favor one side more then the other is not equality.  The true meaning of equality is to be treated the same and have the same opportunities as everyone else. We as a nation have come very far and many movements have showed the ridiculousness of not having equality.

Tell me about it.

I’ve been woke all day and I’m ready to go run a mile or some shiz. like I’m pumped be and b have been jamming out all day and school is too boring I’m ready to go do something. I have another swim meet tomorrow and Saturday It’ll be my 5th meet. I just get really nervous right before my races but I’m getting better at that. I’ve been dropping hecka time so I’m excited for tomorrow. I dropped my phone in the pool on Tuesday so I’ve been using a crappy 5 till I can buy another one. I’ve been looking at cars on ksl and I just wish I could buy them because l found a beautiful 300zx for 2,000 just wish I could drive. (if you didn’t know I love imports)

What I’m reading

I haven’t found a good book that I actually want to to read so I’ve just been reading the green literature book. The stories inside are pretty good and have a large variety so I can find quite a few stories that seem interesting to me. I also haven’t been to the school library in a while because they won’t let me check it out unless I pay off the money I owe. I feel anyone can find a story they like in the book because of the variety of stories. I’ve read quite a few stories in the book but I’m still looking for a book that interest me.

How I did during first term

In first term I was very on task I would say, I did my work I understood what was being taught I had a few splurges with not doing and assignment or getting a little off task but I’d say I was pretty on task.  I struggled a little bit with coming up with ideas and writing the next line on my stories and deciding what happens next. During second term I want to read more although I did the work and understood I know I could have read more. I will be working on doing some things at home to get better at understanding and over achieve. I will start to read faster and understand more complicated writing styles by Christmas, by reading out loud more  and reading more advanced stories.

The power of words

Setting a mood, making us feel a certain way, how do authors make us feel sad without anything physically happening around us? Without even having to see what is happening how to authors make us feel certain ways with words? Through the use of punctuation, words and dialogue. Using punctuation you can show a long pause showing a moment of silence or exclamation marks to show enthusiasm or anger. Words, using key words that you associate with other things that will make you feel the way the author wants you to for example, the words Dark, Chilling and Cold can show you that what ever is happening is unpleasant.

How I felt about the first story (The Sniper)

I read “The Sniper” one of the stories in the Surprise endings group of stories. The story was very very well written enough so you could understand what was going on and implied things that made sense without saying it happened. The ending was defiantly  a surprise and I would highly recommend this story to anyone who loves a suspenseful and surprise endings. It was unique how everyone in my group had a completely different vision of what it looked like or where it took place. We all had different feelings about the story, and how it made us feel.

What kind of a writer am I?

I know I am good at coming up with original, creative and fun ideas. The sudden twist and how silly they can be is part of why I love my writing,  One thing I feel i need to work on is being consistent in my writing style all the way through my story. I can tell that in some instances I seem to change writing style a little bit, and makes it seem as if two people wrote it. I love the ideas and silly things I come up with to write, I need to just focus on a steady and consistent writing style.


What I look for in a good character

What connects me to the character and what makes me feel and understand whats going on? Well there has to be a deep connection and conversations so I understand where they’re coming from when they make decisions. I connected to Katnis in the hunger games , Because they showed what a day was like for her and how difficult it is to live in her town and shows her personal life and how much the people in her life mean to her so when one of them die it its you too because you knew how much they meant to them.

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