The Home Stretch!

Cabinets have been hung this last week and shower surround tile is being installed. A lot of the final details are being done and pulling the house all together. The open house is just around the corner!


Mid March

Warm weather has the exterior going up fast! The siding is going up and looking very professional.

Finish plumbing is going in and the finish paint is pretty much done.

The fireplace is being bricked and looks great! A very trendy and stylish fireplace and mantel.

The master bedroom shower progress and wall.

End of February

The house is looking great- as usual! They are getting ready to start the exterior- so lots of big changes are coming. They are almost done with the custom shed.

The paint is pretty much done throughout the house. The photos don’t quite capture the color, but it all looks really good and very professional. The trim and finish work all look great!

Master bedroom, bathroom, and closet paint jobs.

It is hard to tell much difference in the flooring planks, but here are the choices.

The entry way.

Bedroom wall and closet. Can’t wait to see what is next!

Trim, Caulk, Putty, and Finish Work

The finish work is really coming together nicely at the house this week. The students did some big projects with the trim and base boards that really look fantastic and are going to really add to the house. The first is the wall of one of the bedrooms pictured below.

The closets and trim and casing throughout the house is all pretty much hung and looks great!

They used some base board to make the wall over the fire place look fantastic! Such great craftmanship!

The pantry.

Master bedroom closet and the wall in the master! Looks awesome!

The entry way.

Lots of putty, caulking, and leveling throughout this whole phase. The design class is helping with ideas for ship lap and other “designy things”. Next up- painting!

Beginning-Mid January 2017

A lot of the finish work has started at the house. The closets are being worked on as well as trim and casing throughout the house. They are doing an excellent job!

The main bathroom.

What will be the kitchen.

Different views of the entry way.

The dining area and pantry.

The fire place and family room.

The master closet, shower, and room.

The hallway from the garage entrance and the laundry/mud room directly to the right.

The students are about finished on the custom shed they have been working on as well.

Stay tuned for more updates!