Week 7 September 28th-October 2nd

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Pretty much all of the walls are up now! The framing general contractor will be coming soon to inspect the work and tell everyone what changes need to be made.

The Lone Peak administrators stopped by both classes to meet everyone and bring some donuts! I think they were very impressed with the work the students have put in. Principle Bromley even inspired Mr. Burdett to add an arch in the entrance walk way! It will be fun to see that little addition!

One thought on “Week 7 September 28th-October 2nd

  1. Thanks so much for the pictures, and the progress updates. I am grateful that my son is learning usable skills. Thank you, Mr. Burdett for taking this on. What a cool thing that in the future these kids will be able to drive by this house and feel a sense of accomplishment!

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