Week 18 December 14th-18th

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This week the students spent a couple of days working in the shop at Westlake High School. They worked on some of the finish work for the house- including a barn style door! This house is going to have some spectacular extra features. The students are really developing the skills needed for construction careers.

Hope you all have a great break!

Week 17 December 7th-11th

week 17 1

I tried to get photos of the house today that were like walking through the house. I am hoping to give a good visual. Not all the pictures are great because it was not quite dawn yet and my flash doesn’t work great in the house. First I got exterior pictures of the front and back of the house. I am hoping they show how nice the windows are.

week 17 2

This next photo is the laundry room, which is to your right as you walk in through the garage entrance.

week 17 3

This is the hall view from the garage entrance. The master bedroom entrance is straight ahead and the kitchen entrance is to the left.

week 17 4

Below is the view from the front doorway. There are bedroom doors directly to the left and the bathroom door to the left of the hallway doorway. It opens up to the family room on the left and the kitchen and dining area on the right as well as the master bedroom/hallway entrance that is in the photos above.

week 17 5

To the left as you walk in through the main doorway are two bedroom doorways and in between is an in the wall water feature. I am real excited to see that once it is done!

week 17 6

Here is the view of the left bedroom from it’s doorway. It looks out the front of the house.

week 17 7

Below is the view of the right room.

week 17 8

Shortly down the hall and on the left is this bathroom.

week 17 9

Just past the bathroom it opens up to the family room on your left. It has beautiful windows and a great fireplace.

week 17 10

And the kitchen is on the right. It currently is storing a lot of the tools. You can see the entrance to the hallway on the very left side of the picture.

week 17 11

Right after the kitchen is the entry to the master. The photo below is taken from the master bedroom door.

week 17 12

That amazing shower is coming right along. It looks like one of the students is a Utes fan too!

week 17 13

Pretty large master closet!

week 17 14

I also took a picture of the garage to make sure I got photos of everything, but looking through it looks like I didn’t get a photo of the dining area. I will make sure to get one next week.

week 17 16

Week 16 November 30th-December 4th

week 16 1

Huge changes from the last time I was at the house! The drywall is being hung and they are really moving along at a good pace! Mr. Burdett said that it is a real reinforcement in their measuring skills and that the first day or two were a bit rough.

week 16 2

The master shower is going to be pretty amazing once it is complete! It has a shower head on each end and is very large! The entire master bedroom/bathroom/closet will be major selling points.

week 16 3

week 16 4

Here is a view of the entry way.

week 16 5

The students are really learning a lot of great skills!

week 16 6