Week 10 October 25th-28th


The roof is pretty much done at the house and the plumbing and electrical is about to get started. The shed is pretty much done as well. It looks great. It is 6×10 and has a window in it.

img_7018 img_7017 img_7016 img_7015 img_7014

I got a lot of ‘action shots’ of the afternoon class hard at work!

Week 9 October 17th-19th

img_6902 img_6903

The front of the house looks great now that the roof is set.

img_6904 img_6905 img_6906 img_6907 img_6908 img_6909 img_6910

The trusses were set and the roof sheeted at the end of last week! It is a great time for the students to have shelter over their heads. The floor plan of the house has really taken shape now that the framing is done as well. I tried to get photos that showed the layout well, but it was a bit dark.

Week 8 October 10th-14th


I missed a lot of the action at the construction site this week, but I did catch the students hard at work at Westlake. In order to use the shop they have to pass certain tests and I was able to grab a photo of them testing! Way to work on the house and in the lab everyone!

Week 7 October 3rd-7th

img_6762-1 img_6763 img_6765 img_6767

I caught the class on a very chilly morning today. There was ice built up in some spots even! The framing is going well and the class is doing a great job. The trusses should be there next week. If you are familiar with the floor plan from last year it is very similiar, but Guy has made a few little changes that are going to make a big difference!


Stay tuned for steady progress!