Beginning-Mid January 2017

A lot of the finish work has started at the house. The closets are being worked on as well as trim and casing throughout the house. They are doing an excellent job!

The main bathroom.

What will be the kitchen.

Different views of the entry way.

The dining area and pantry.

The fire place and family room.

The master closet, shower, and room.

The hallway from the garage entrance and the laundry/mud room directly to the right.

The students are about finished on the custom shed they have been working on as well.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Week 16 December 5th-9th


The exterior of the house is pretty much the same this week. The inside is pretty much done with drywall and ready for the mudding to begin. Below is a view of the kitchen from the dining area.


The entry way with the custom cutouts, the front bedroom/office, and the main bathroom. The bathroom is between the two bedrooms which is different from last year’s floor plan.

img_7475 img_7476 img_7477

The second bedroom, the view from the front door, and the view of the living area and fireplace. There is about 150 square feet more than last year’s house with the small changes in the floor plan.

img_7479 img_7480 img_7481

The master bedroom from the doorway, the master bathroom shower (if you saw last year’s shower than you know that this is going to be awesome!), and the master closet.

img_7482 img_7483 img_7484

And last, but not least is the mudroom/laundry room. Everything is coming right along and looking really great!


Week 15 November 28th-December 2nd


Lots of progress has happened on the house this week! The students also have been working on a custom shed that is coming along well.


The roof is done being drywalled as of yesterday which means today is the first day with space heaters! Hopefully they will keep them a lot warmer now.

img_7390 img_7391 img_7392

Interior Design Presentations and Week 12

The students of the Advanced Interior Design class at Lone Peak High School are over the interior design of the house this year. They have been working closely all year with the construction class students on the exterior and interior design elements. On Tuesday the four groups of girls presented their final design boards to the carpentry class students as well as two professional interior designers. The best elements from each design will be picked for the home.

img_7228 img_7230 img_7231 img_7232 img_7233 img_7234 img_7237 img_7239 img_7240

Mr. Burdett gave everyone present an overview on the status of the house and what is to come.

img_7241 img_7243 img_7244 img_7245 img_7246

The house is officially all “buttoned up” as Mr. Burdett puts it just in time! The first snow of the season hit after the garage door was installed this week. Windows and doors are also already installed. Sheetrock should be started after the Thanksgiving break.


Week 11-12 October 31st-November 11th

img_7179 img_7180

A lot has happened the last two weeks in the house. The electrical and plumbing have been done and more details have been framed in.

img_7181 img_7182

Here you can see some of the plumbing in the laundry/wet room and the beginnings of the amazing master bathroom shower!

img_7183 img_7184

The fireplace has been framed in, the exterior doors have been hung, and windows have been installed.

img_7185 img_7186

The roughed in plumbing in the kitchen where the island sink will be and the tub in the main bathroom. Lots of changes and even more to come!