What you need to know.

I think that it was a fun enjoyable class and got to do some fun things. What I didn’t like was that it was a lot of work having to do the word nerds and book reviews even though you had all term it was like is this a common word or not, or is this a good phrase and you were kind of like okay hopefully I did something right in this (at least that’s how I felt) It was also hard having to do those posts in only ten minutes because I was either right on the time limit or I left out a comment because it was hard to write about it then find the right picture and then having to post comments while having to read the whole text because maybe someone isn’t a fast reader and they couldn’t get through their first one. I think I improved a little bit because I was a really good reader before but not good at writing about it but now I got okay. I think that the work load was a little to hard because six word nerds for each book. I liked both the books we read and would read them again.

Not Being Seen

I think that Conor wanted to be seen so bad because it was like he was isolated and had no one like his Mum was in the hospital normally asleep and everyone kind of ignored him and nobody talked to him never really even tried to be a friend to him it was like he was on a tiny little island with water all around and nobody in sight. I think at first he was just mad at Lily for telling someone that went to everyone and so he was practically already invisible because of her and he got mad and told her off so then she was like fine I will just pretend that he is invisible like everyone else does. I think it would have felt better to be punished because he wanted to be home or at the hospital with his mum and because of school he couldn’t do that. It has him preparing for what he knew was going to happen but wouldn’t believe it and he knew that all the stress was killing him but he went through it because he loved his mum, and the monsters stories were also to help him prepare to let his mum go.

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I think that it wasn’t smart to get rid of his belief because they are just throwing away everything that they belief in a moment. To belief something is to trust it and confidence in that belief instead of like hey I believe in this and then the next day hey I’m part of this belief now, and then the next day hey I’m part of this belief now and so on. To stay to your belief is doing what you need to for that belief and not give it up all the time I mean you can change beliefs over time but not all the time like (BAM) part of another belief. Conor is trying to stay true to his mom that she will make it through even though the others belief that she won’t and Conor is like I don’t need you here to his dad. Also he thinks that his Grandma is the worst and she should leave him be and stuff like that.

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The Meaning of Stories

Stories can be for good but can be used for bad I guess, and can teach you lessons. Sometimes if they don’t have rules they can be for fun and can make them to do for maybe future times. Stories don’t always have morals and stuff like that they can be just for fun to listen or to read them and to enjoy them and not always fret about them. Like Conor does all the time likeĀ I don’t want to listen, I thought you said their would be no tricks in this story. it isn’t all about the lessons and morals it can be for fun.

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Deep Thinker 2.6

Source: Adventurers Wanted Albrek’s Tomb. The author is the amazing the awesome writer M. L. Forman(of course). On page ninety.

Quote: “It was my pride that forced me to test you.”

Context: They are on their just barely on their way to the ____ __ _____ to find out if the ____ __ _________ is their or at one of the other many destinations and they meet ____ who is a _______ who was a person that a ______ ______ _____ ___ ____ and he has been through tons of things trying to find out the source of the one mission he has been on many years to fulfill three _______ mission who made him a _______ so he had been doing his mission for a long time but the people before had been doing it too.

This Makes Me Think: It makes me think that why do people always let their pride blind them but then they are like my pride forced me to face you I mean I know some people’s pride means more to them than others but It couldn’t have hurt to just go up and start talking to them or leaving them alone.

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Deep Thinkers 2.5

Source: Adventurers Wanted Albrek’s Tomb. The author is of course the amazing book writer M. L. Forman. On page three hundred twenty-four.

Quote: “Your coming was foretold long ago”

Context: Alex is on his way to defeat ___ who is a Necromancer and has been trying to lure Alex in and find out any possibility’s to give himself any thing to help him defeat Alex. Alex had to entered the cave that ___ is in and he confronts many of ____ brought ____ __ ____ ____ and he had found ___ the ____ before Thorgood who is ____ rightful ____. ___ had then told Alex you have been foretold to come and stuff and to give him advise before he goes in to face ___.

This Makes Me Think: I think I chose this because all the time people are like believing in legends but where did they start what if it will never come who started them and stuff like that.

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Deep Thinker 2.4

Source: Adventurers Wanted Albrek’s Tomb. The author is of course the awesome M. L. Forman. On page one hundred sixty-nine.

Quote: “They still haven’t found their sea legs or tamed their stomach,” Alex said.

Context: They were going to the ____ __ _____ to find out if dwarfs still lived their and to see if they can find the ____ __ ________ and to find why they have never been seen before and why it is so creepy or to find out what happened to the dwarfs that lived their and what caused their deaths or what had caused them to be scared away from the ____ __ _____.

This Makes Me Think: It makes me think why are do so many people get sea sick or not and why some people just don’t have it and can move around easily but the other people can’t. It also makes me think why does it last for so long and not go away when they are used to being on the boat.

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Deep Thinkers 2.3

Source: Adventurers Wanted The Axe Of Sundering. The author is none other than the M. L. Forman (again). On page two hundred fifty-seven.

Quote: “Maybe they fear the unknown.”

Context: Alex is asked to come to a special meeting held by the ___ _____ in a secure, unknown, safe location that is far out into sea. They will be speaking of going to _____ or not, to go to ______ or not, to be a good help and help the kingdom they have found an okay sanctuary or not and of course they do this………………………………………… and they also speak of _______ ___ ______ which helps out Alex a lot to help the ___ _____ to break their curse. They also find that Alex speaks fluently in _____ which was kind of a surprise to them because anything they didn’t want to say in front of him was lost.

This Makes Me Think: I think I chose this passage because it made think because some people are afraid of something and then someone asks them why and their like I don’t know.

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Deep Thinkers 2.2

Source: Adventurers Wanted The Axe Of Sundering. The author is of course M. L. Forman. On page three hundred sixty-four.

Quote: “They did that to me as well,” Alex said. “Or they tried to, at least.”

Context: Alex had just saved ______ from his _______ nephew _____ who is evil and then as they ________ him they got overcome by an evil spell woke up in a strange place in different cells losing their _____ ability’s because the walls were made of a _____ _____ that drains _____ from people and then ____ broke free using ___ ___ __ _________ to restore his _____ _______ and to free ______ with ___ ___ __ _________ as well as he did for himself but couldn’t get _______ _____ _______ back as he did for himself and then about to figure out their ______ when ______ finds them.

This Makes Me Think: I think that I chose this passage because it made it me think that anything is possible. It gave me the idea that even if things seem hard you should keep trying.

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Deep Thinker 2.1

Source: Adventurers Wanted The Axe Of Sundering. The author is none other than the M. L. Forman. On page two hundred forty-two.

Quote: “Thinking and yet not thinking at all”

Context: Alex and ______ are at a kingdom plotting to attack ______ or not with the people of the kingdom or go fight _____ themselves or have the help of the kingdom or helping them and decided to ____ ___ _______ and to have them come along with ____ and have the ______ ____ the hostages while Alex goes and attacks _____ while _____ goes and helps the other parts of the army to help the other kingdoms who were being attacked by ______ army.

This Makes Me Think: I think I chose this passage because it was just wrote in a different way than I am used to and that it was kind of it is on the tip of your tongue but you couldn’t think of it. I also think because of how it was said their at that part so it made lots of sense.

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