Book Review #2

What I read: Adventurers wanted: Slathbog’s Gold book number one. The author is M.L. Forman. It is a fantasy book as you can tell with the dragon on the front. It has three hundred eighty-two pages. My rating of the book if five out of five stars.

How it starts: The main characters name is Alexander Taylor but goes by Alex. In the beginning he wants to have a better life some more excitement. Sildon Lane and the Known Lands particularly Vargland.

How it gets complicated: The things getting in Alex and his company is all the trouble they face on the road and of course the thing that blocks their path at the end well what they are going to in the first place they still have to go back.

What i liked: I loved how it has all the mythical creatures just roaming around and that in every book they come across at lease one of them and you get to see how the creatures different battle strategies of the different mythical beasts one of them isn’t really a mythical beast or creature but it says something about the not really being human any more after they become one so. Okay i will name a few battle strategies but wont tell you what creature does that so you would have to read it yourself. One is they will gamble all night to see how long the thing they are attacking will last, but will send in little people in to attack at first to see how strong they are. Two another one will watch them the people they are attacking for a while and then just charge in and if they are losing they will try to flee but another way they will do it is just charge in and attack but still if they are losing they will flee. I also love all the twists and turns in the book.

What i disliked: I didn’t really dislike anything except when ever they visited someplace it was almost always like hey everybody likes you and we should have a feast every night.

Recommendation: I think anyone could read this book if they felt like it i mean if you like fantasy books and it has magic and mythical creatures it would probably be good for you.

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What i look for in a good character

In Harry Potter i think that they did a good main character because he it is more from his point of view and you can like tell what emotions he is feeling. I think for most people it wouldn’t be one of those books that you pick up then set down and don’t touch it again, but for some people i think they might just put it down and not touch it again. Mostly it is about the attitude that you have when reading because if you don’t want to read you might not want to read it. Just depends on your attitude and if it is like a good book with a good character


Book Review #1

What I read: Harry Potter and the deathly hollows. Wrote by J. K. Rowling. It is a Fantasy book. It has seven hundred forty-nine pages. My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

How it starts: Harry Potter is the main character of course. Harry wants all of Voldemorts horcruxes and to destroy them then kill Voldemort. The setting is Number 4 privet drive, the Burrow, the forest, and a little Hogwarts.

How it gets complicated: Harry needs Godric Gryffindor’s sword to destroy the last five horcruxes because the sword had one of the few things that could destroy horcruxes.

What I liked: I liked how it was so adventurous and so many cliff hangers. How it was like put together like you don’t have many like skipped forward parts to where your like what happened. I like how it had magic in it i have always liked magic and all the twists and turns your like can’t i just keep reading (for people who don’t like to read that probably won’t happen to you), but for me i did not want to stop to go to bed for school i didn’t want to go to school i wanted to read my book.

What i disliked: There aren’t very many things i disliked in the book but i think that i disliked how they were doing like the same thing over and over again. I think that the author could have thrown in a tiny bit more excitement.

Recommendation: I think that anyone could read the book, but it is about if the people want to read the books in the first place.

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What would it be like

I think that it would be very hard considering kids that young have go through this. It would be even harder knowing that your leaving your family and friends, and some kids don’t make it through this and some do just depends on who it is. Some kids are more attached to their family’s. A good thing to have sometimes through this process is friends. Friends are almost always there for you. Friends can get your mind off of what your going through even if they don’t know. They can get you to play games, sports whatever and if your doing those your mind is normally on that so your not thinking about it.

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He Was Without Imagination

London said that he was without imagination and that was why he kept getting in trouble. I think he said that he was without imagination because he kept doing stuff stupidly like going on a trail that you couldn’t even really see. It was he who made himself die because he was being so ignorant and without imagination i don’t think he even thought he could die. The man didn’t even really consider the old mans words when he was going to leave (the boys) and not even think to take someone with him like the old man said. The old man said don’t go on your own at 50 degree’s below but the man went on his own anyway’s and by the end he realized that he should have listened to the old man.

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The Best Book I Have Ever Read.

The best book i have ever read is Harry Potter and the half blood prince. It is about Harry getting extra private lessons with Dumbledore. Dumbledore teaches Harry about Voldemort’s (Tom) old life. These lessons are for Harry as he prepares for fighting Voldemort. It also shows Harry and Dumbledore about Voldemort’s Horcruxes and what he contained them in. Harry and Dumbledore assume that there are six  Horcruxes. He was planning on seven but they don’t think he got to that many. He has them in a few things. I don’t know them all, but a couple are the journal that was Tom Riddles life and where to find the chamber of secrets. Harry has already destroyed that one. Toms uncle’s ring Dumbledore destroyed that one. Then there is Slytherins locket and Hufflepuffs cup and Harry and Dumbledore assume that the snake that is always with Voldemort.

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What’s the deal with stories?

Question prompt: What is the deal with stories? Why do people feel so inspired by peoples random ideas? Writers just sit and think about their stories then write it down and then people get so inspired by the writers thought but why? A reason they might be inspired is that they can relate to the story or even like the story enough that they with it was them. Why do people like to write stories? Is it for the fame or making people happy. What would you do it for. Fame or making people happy.

There is my prompt on “What’s the deal with stories?”