Max Abandoned His Family

I don’t know if it was an okay decision. No, it was not a good thing to leave them behind and have them die while he has a 50 50 chance in surviving. It was probably only because his Mom told him to go when he didn’t want to when his family wouldn’t be going with him. It might have been a good thing that he left because maybe he could get married and then his family would live on and not all just die. I think that he was right to go because no matter what his family would die and maybe it would have been good if at least one of them made it out alive.

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A good women for a crisis

Rosa wasn’t very likable at the beginning because she was mean abusive and always beat lesiel. Rosa i think is getting better with lesiel because she doesn’t beat her as much but still calls her saumensch. I think she is good in a crisis and even though Max was there she got better because she got nicer and she try’s to get him food even if their isn’t much in the first place she still try’s to get him a full plate of food. Rosa has been very generous to Max because he said only bring me down the scraps but she won’t have it she always brings a thing of food that isn’t scraps.

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My identity as a reader

I think that reading is pretty easy for me if it is a fantasy type of book and sometimes i say words wrong or can’t explain them but i feel like i understand it. The books i struggle with are ones that are history or science it takes me like 20 minutes to read like one page of it when i could read like 20 pages in 20 minutes in a fantasy book. i can’t wait to get my hands on another book if it is something i like to read like if it is a history book then i don’t want the next one but a book like Fablehaven i couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next one. I think me liking to read will make keep making me a reader.

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On Stealing

Liesel once she stole the Shoulder Shrug that was supposed to be burned and she has also stole the grave diggers handbook. I think that liesel being so young doesn’t know what the can happen to her if she is caught. Leisel is doing it for things to read because she likes to read. So far i think she has been punished by Rosa and she was kind of told not to steal by the mayors wife. I think that in the future she could get in very bad punishments like maybe jail or a big beating or maybe even death.

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Are books dangerous?

It all depends on what the book is if it is like the one leisel stole than yes it is very dangerous. If you are wondering why it would be dangerous than i will tell you why. It is dangerous because if they had a huge bonfire to burn books but then wouldn’t burn any of their like the Nazi party book thing than why else would they be burning those books then hearing the mayor say burn the rest of the ones that didn’t get burned. These books are dangerous to who ever reads them. Depends on what kind of book it is.

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Deep Thinker #6

Source: The title of this book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The author is none other than the J. K. Rowling. The page number is page three hundred twenty-eight.

Quote: ” The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.”

Context: They are in ______ ______. They found Harry’s parents graves (James Potter and Lily Potter) and they read the passage thing that says “The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.”. They are thinking then Harry’s like isn’t that like a _____ ____ saying why is that on there. They are also about to go looking for Bathilda to see if she knew where the sword was and maybe what she knew about Dumbledore.

This makes me think: I think i chose this one because it was weirdly written and that it was a little cool how it said like death will be the last enemy destroyed like it sounded weird.

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The book thief so far

The book thief so far has been okay. I like Rudy because he always does funny or fun stuff. I also like liesel because she always does what she is told even when she doesn’t want to. I think that she is going to start stealing more books for her to read now that she is finished with the grave diggers one. I have not read this book before so i do not know what will happen. I think that Rosa is being a little more harsh to liesel but she still does stuff like the laundry stuff or ironing.

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Deep Thinker #5

Source: The sentence that i found is in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The author is none other than M. L. Forman. The page number is page four hundred eighty-nine.

Quote: “Mudblood, and proud of it.” (That was Hemione just so you know.)

Context: They found the sword of ______ __________ and destroyed a horcrux. The are thinking that Volemort’s name was tabooed well at least Ron. Harry says Voldemort and Ron yelled no then they get captured by ____________. Then they are at the _______. Then Hermione is interrogated then they all escape from the _______. They are at ____ and ______ house. While everyone is inside Harry is outside digging a grave without magic for _____.

This makes me think: I think it was just weird how most (Mudbloods) wizards or witches born by human parents no magical relation. They aren’t as much like hey i’m a Mudblood because a Mudblood is a very bad thing to call people so i thought it was really weird how she said that.

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Deep Thinker #4

Source: The title of this book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The author is none other then J. K. Rowling. The page number is page three hundred thirty-five.

Quote: “Now that he was beside her, he realized how tiny she was; bowed down with age, she came barely with his chest.”

Context: They (Harry and Hermione) are in Godric’s Hollow trying to find Bathilda because she might have what they (Harry and Hermione) need to destroy something. Harry also wants to go visit his parents (James Potter and Lily Potter) grave. So then when before he is looking for Bathilda he visits his parents grave. Then they start looking for Bathilda. Then later the are in Bathilda’s house.

This makes me think: I think i chose this passage because it was funny and well worded. I like how it says bowed down with age as if she was bowing down to some one.

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Word Nerd #12


Source: The title of the book is Adventurers Wanted Slathbog’s Gold. The author is  M. L. Forman. The page number is three hundred forty-nine.

Context: “The magistrate didn’t much like old Eric,” Tantic said, an unhappy look on his face.”

In their words: a civil officer or lay judge who administers the law, especially one who conducts a court that deals with minor offenses and holds preliminary hearings for more serious ones.

In my words: a judge

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