The Book Thief Film Review

I think that they did the movie pretty good. They had lots of details that compared to the book and so you could see a lot of those details shoved into a two hour movie. They made have Rudy always trying to get Liesel to kiss him and Rudy doing almost everything with Liesel.

I think that the movie didn’t do to much of it poorly because it had lots of details in it from the books but it added and got rid of some stuff. Like in the bomb shelter in the movie Hans plays his accordion in the bomb shelter while in the book Liesel reads in the bomb shelter and speaking of books and where she would have got them or stole them Liesel only stole one book from the mayors wife and didn’t even steal like at all from anyone and she said she was borrowing in the movie but in the book she always is like I need to steal something and in the movie it left out pretty much everything Rudy and Liesl stole.

What they did alike is lots of stuff like when Max was asleep (when they thought he was going to die) she read to him and talked to him. Also they had her stealing the Shoulder Shrug and the Grave Diggers hand book.

What they didn’t do is lots like when it was Max them thinking he is going to die Liesel stole books to read for him and brought him “Presents” and Liesel played soccer a lot more instead of just the once. Also their was when Max was marching through town like all the other Jews not just him all the sudden showing up at Alex’s shop to see Liesel. The movie also left out the big part when Liesel read to the person who would always spit on the Hubermanns door but she stopped when Liesel started reading to her and gave them her coffee ration and they left out all the times she spit on her door and her just sitting in her chair in her house during the bombing and them trying to get her out of the house to the bomb shelter.

I thought that the movie was really good I could see lots of the details they left out and most of them were the smaller details so you try to see if they would leave them out but overall it was a good movie and I would watch it again

Word Nerd #2.6


Source: Adventurers Wanted Albrek’s Tomb. The author is M. L. Forman. Page seventy-seven.

Context: “However, it’s not unusual for new settlements to remain isolated for long periods of time.

In Their Words: far away from other places, buildings, or people; remote.

having minimal contact or little in common with others.

In My Words: Staying away from everyone else or stranded.

In Pictures:

Image result for animated tiny island with one tree on it and one person on it

Word Nerd #2.5


Source: Adventurers Wanted Albrek’s Tomb. The author is M. L. Forman. Page one hundred forty-eight.

Context: “I was thinking the old fisherman might be a better bet” Barnabus pointed in the opposite direction to where an old man sat in the afternoon sun, mending his nets.

In Their Words: things to be repaired by sewing or darning.

In My Words: sewing something together or sewing it back together.

In Pictures:

Related image

Word Nerd #2.4


Source: Adventurers Wanted Albrek’s Tomb. The author is M. L. Forman. Page one hundred forty-seven.

Context: “Sailors can be a rough crowd, and they tend to be a bit Superstitious.”

In Their Words: having or showing a belief in superstitions.

In My Words: cautious.

In Pictures:

Image result for picture of sailors at a wooden dock

Word Nerd #2.3


Source: Adventurers Wanted Albrek’s Tomb. The author is M. L. Forman. Page is Four hundred fifty-seven.

Context: You lavish wealth on the people, and they love you for it, but what good will it do in the end?

In Their Words: sumptuously rich, elaborate, or luxurious.

bestow something in generous or extravagant quantities upon.

In My Words: Giving things away like a lot of it and trying to make their life better even if it could hurt you later on.

In Pictures:

Image result for Picture of someone giving something to someone else

Word Nerd #2.2


Source: Adventurers Wanted Albrek’s Tomb. The author yet again M. L. Forman. Page one hundred eighty-two.

Context: Absentmindedly he picked up a golden necklace.

In Their Words: 1. lost in thought and unaware of one’s surroundings or actions.

2. tending to forget or fail to notice things.

In My Words: Not noticing what they are doing or doing something they didn’t even realize.

In Pictures:

Texting someone to tell them that you can’t find your phone.

Word Nerd #2.1


Source: Adventurers Wanted Albrek’s Tomb. The Author is of course (again) M. L. Forman (get the hint it has been him almost every time but once I think). It is on page one hundred forty-nine.

Context: “You’re new here, and landlubbers as well.”

In Their Words: a person unfamiliar with the sea or sailing.

In My Words: Someone who can’t stand to be at sea or on a boat.

In Pictures:

Image result for sail boat

The Power of Words

I think that the significance is to show that Hitler is using words to take over the world. It think that the tree that the tree could be the fuhrer and that no one really lasts long and they eventually fall like when the tree falls it might mean when the Fuhrer falls and people might see their mistakes. The man in the bed was Max and Liesel was one of the word shakers because she was sad for Max thinking he might die but then instead of the tear just being normal it was the seed and she nurtured it but when Max turned out to be fine she realized maybe that the tree symbolized the Fuhrer and Max showed her that so she let him fall.

The reason this has to do with Liesel because she always wants more books to read with words to learn them to use them to know how to say them and maybe some entertainment because she learned that all words have power. words can have power because they let you speak, they help people understand you, they help you write, they help you to have conversations. What does it have to do with stealing books? Well it has something to do with stealing books because when she get the books and reads them she enjoys herself but more importantly it helps her be a better spokes person, it can help when she is reading to the people in the shelter, it can give people hope and many other things like helping her being able to understand people more. Well words are very powerful because you use them to speak you use them to write stories too. what gives them power is people being able to use them and speak them if you couldn’t use them then they would be pointless.

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You’ve Got a Friend in Rudy

I think that Rudy threw the last race because he realized that he isn’t Jesse Owens and that he needs to have to find out who he is and not trying to be someone else. I like that he is funny and is nice and just wont stop trying to get Liesel to kiss him even though she says no every time. I don’t like how he just stopped trying in the last race because he found out he was a good athlete but then he just gave it away. I think that Liesel will still kiss Rudy even though Death says they won’t i just won’t believe it.

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Book Review 2.2

What I Read: I read is Adventurers Wanted The Axe Of Sundering (Book 5). The author is M. L. Forman. It is a fantasy book (again) and has four hundred sixteen pages. I give the book a 10 out of 5 stars.

How it starts: Alexander Taylor. He wants to get to ________ in _____. With his friend ______ ______ to try to destroy _____ which is ______ _______ relative, but _______ relative is evil.

How it gets complicated: How they have to get the ___ __ _________ to destroy _____ but they don’t know where the ___ __ _________ is and they can’t kill _____ without it.

What I liked: I liked that it has all been put lots of work into and it has tons of details. The reason it had lots of work put into it was because it was supposed to be made to be made awhile ago but then the author M. L. Forman had a stroke and it delayed the making of the book for a few years and finally coming out on October third 2017 though i think it was supposed to come out sometime in 2012.

What I Disliked: I didn’t like how a few parts were very slow going.

Recommendation: I think anyone who likes fantasy books or adventures then it would be a pretty good time reading it.

Image result for Castle of Conmar from adventurers wanted book 5