The Power of Words

I think that the significance is to show that Hitler is using words to take over the world. It think that the tree that the tree could be the fuhrer and that no one really lasts long and they eventually fall like when the tree falls it might mean when the Fuhrer falls and people might see their mistakes. The man in the bed was Max and Liesel was one of the word shakers because she was sad for Max thinking he might die but then instead of the tear just being normal it was the seed and she nurtured it but when Max turned out to be fine she realized maybe that the tree symbolized the Fuhrer and Max showed her that so she let him fall.

The reason this has to do with Liesel because she always wants more books to read with words to learn them to use them to know how to say them and maybe some entertainment because she learned that all words have power. words can have power because they let you speak, they help people understand you, they help you write, they help you to have conversations. What does it have to do with stealing books? Well it has something to do with stealing books because when she get the books and reads them she enjoys herself but more importantly it helps her be a better spokes person, it can help when she is reading to the people in the shelter, it can give people hope and many other things like helping her being able to understand people more. Well words are very powerful because you use them to speak you use them to write stories too. what gives them power is people being able to use them and speak them if you couldn’t use them then they would be pointless.

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