How I Survive Hard Things

I had a hard time when I cut the top part of my thumb of because I couldn’t do anything I liked to do like football, basketball with my friends but instead we would do other things or make it two hand touch for me instead of tackle or I could rip the stitches off and It could have taken a lot longer to heal. We would also go on trips but I couldn’t go swimming or stuff like that but instead we tried to make something that would keep the water out so I could go swimming but it came of a little later so I had to get out.

I also had a hard time when i broke my finger the year after I cut my thumb and it had lots of the restrictions like the last time. I had got more used to the pain though so I played some basketball and would just try not to hit it to much. I also went on a trip during that too my family went to disney land which was fun but the doctor said not to put my hands up in the air on rides because it could do something which i don’t remember what but I couldn’t do it.

Image result for picture of a finger cast

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