Deep Thinker 2.1

Source: Adventurers Wanted The Axe Of Sundering. The author is none other than the M. L. Forman. On page two hundred forty-two.

Quote: “Thinking and yet not thinking at all”

Context: Alex and ______ are at a kingdom plotting to attack ______ or not with the people of the kingdom or go fight _____ themselves or have the help of the kingdom or helping them and decided to ____ ___ _______ and to have them come along with ____ and have the ______ ____ the hostages while Alex goes and attacks _____ while _____ goes and helps the other parts of the army to help the other kingdoms who were being attacked by ______ army.

This Makes Me Think: I think I chose this passage because it was just wrote in a different way than I am used to and that it was kind of it is on the tip of your tongue but you couldn’t think of it. I also think because of how it was said their at that part so it made lots of sense.

In Pictures: (A watch Tower)

Image result for picture of a stone watch tower in kingdom

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