Deep Thinker 2.4

Source: Adventurers Wanted Albrek’s Tomb. The author is of course the awesome M. L. Forman. On page one hundred sixty-nine.

Quote: “They still haven’t found their sea legs or tamed their stomach,” Alex said.

Context: They were going to the ____ __ _____ to find out if dwarfs still lived their and to see if they can find the ____ __ ________ and to find why they have never been seen before and why it is so creepy or to find out what happened to the dwarfs that lived their and what caused their deaths or what had caused them to be scared away from the ____ __ _____.

This Makes Me Think: It makes me think why are do so many people get sea sick or not and why some people just don’t have it and can move around easily but the other people can’t. It also makes me think why does it last for so long and not go away when they are used to being on the boat.

In Pictures:

Image result for a sailboat in waves

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