Deep Thinkers 2.2

Source: Adventurers Wanted The Axe Of Sundering. The author is of course M. L. Forman. On page three hundred sixty-four.

Quote: “They did that to me as well,” Alex said. “Or they tried to, at least.”

Context: Alex had just saved ______ from his _______ nephew _____ who is evil and then as they ________ him they got overcome by an evil spell woke up in a strange place in different cells losing their _____ ability’s because the walls were made of a _____ _____ that drains _____ from people and then ____ broke free using ___ ___ __ _________ to restore his _____ _______ and to free ______ with ___ ___ __ _________ as well as he did for himself but couldn’t get _______ _____ _______ back as he did for himself and then about to figure out their ______ when ______ finds them.

This Makes Me Think: I think that I chose this passage because it made it me think that anything is possible. It gave me the idea that even if things seem hard you should keep trying.

In Pictures:

Image result for picture of a impossible with the im crossed out

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