Deep Thinkers 2.3

Source: Adventurers Wanted The Axe Of Sundering. The author is none other than the M. L. Forman (again). On page two hundred fifty-seven.

Quote: “Maybe they fear the unknown.”

Context: Alex is asked to come to a special meeting held by the ___ _____ in a secure, unknown, safe location that is far out into sea. They will be speaking of going to _____ or not, to go to ______ or not, to be a good help and help the kingdom they have found an okay sanctuary or not and of course they do this………………………………………… and they also speak of _______ ___ ______ which helps out Alex a lot to help the ___ _____ to break their curse. They also find that Alex speaks fluently in _____ which was kind of a surprise to them because anything they didn’t want to say in front of him was lost.

This Makes Me Think: I think I chose this passage because it made think because some people are afraid of something and then someone asks them why and their like I don’t know.

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