Deep Thinkers 2.5

Source: Adventurers Wanted Albrek’s Tomb. The author is of course the amazing book writer M. L. Forman. On page three hundred twenty-four.

Quote: “Your coming was foretold long ago”

Context: Alex is on his way to defeat ___ who is a Necromancer and has been trying to lure Alex in and find out any possibility’s to give himself any thing to help him defeat Alex. Alex had to entered the cave that ___ is in and he confronts many of ____ brought ____ __ ____ ____ and he had found ___ the ____ before Thorgood who is ____ rightful ____. ___ had then told Alex you have been foretold to come and stuff and to give him advise before he goes in to face ___.

This Makes Me Think: I think I chose this because all the time people are like believing in legends but where did they start what if it will never come who started them and stuff like that.

In Pictures:

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