Not Being Seen

I think that Conor wanted to be seen so bad because it was like he was isolated and had no one like his Mum was in the hospital normally asleep and everyone kind of ignored him and nobody talked to him never really even tried to be a friend to him it was like he was on a tiny little island with water all around and nobody in sight. I think at first he was just mad at Lily for telling someone that went to everyone and so he was practically already invisible because of her and he got mad and told her off so then she was like fine I will just pretend that he is invisible like everyone else does. I think it would have felt better to be punished because he wanted to be home or at the hospital with his mum and because of school he couldn’t do that. It has him preparing for what he knew was going to happen but wouldn’t believe it and he knew that all the stress was killing him but he went through it because he loved his mum, and the monsters stories were also to help him prepare to let his mum go.

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