What you need to know.

I think that it was a fun enjoyable class and got to do some fun things. What I didn’t like was that it was a lot of work having to do the word nerds and book reviews even though you had all term it was like is this a common word or not, or is this a good phrase and you were kind of like okay hopefully I did something right in this (at least that’s how I felt) It was also hard having to do those posts in only ten minutes because I was either right on the time limit or I left out a comment because it was hard to write about it then find the right picture and then having to post comments while having to read the whole text because maybe someone isn’t a fast reader and they couldn’t get through their first one. I think I improved a little bit because I was a really good reader before but not good at writing about it but now I got okay. I think that the work load was a little to hard because six word nerds for each book. I liked both the books we read and would read them again.

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