Not Being Seen

I think that Conor wanted to be seen so bad because it was like he was isolated and had no one like his Mum was in the hospital normally asleep and everyone kind of ignored him and nobody talked to him never really even tried to be a friend to him it was like he was on a tiny little island with water all around and nobody in sight. I think at first he was just mad at Lily for telling someone that went to everyone and so he was practically already invisible because of her and he got mad and told her off so then she was like fine I will just pretend that he is invisible like everyone else does. I think it would have felt better to be punished because he wanted to be home or at the hospital with his mum and because of school he couldn’t do that. It has him preparing for what he knew was going to happen but wouldn’t believe it and he knew that all the stress was killing him but he went through it because he loved his mum, and the monsters stories were also to help him prepare to let his mum go.

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I think that it wasn’t smart to get rid of his belief because they are just throwing away everything that they belief in a moment. To belief something is to trust it and confidence in that belief instead of like hey I believe in this and then the next day hey I’m part of this belief now, and then the next day hey I’m part of this belief now and so on. To stay to your belief is doing what you need to for that belief and not give it up all the time I mean you can change beliefs over time but not all the time like (BAM) part of another belief. Conor is trying to stay true to his mom that she will make it through even though the others belief that she won’t and Conor is like I don’t need you here to his dad. Also he thinks that his Grandma is the worst and she should leave him be and stuff like that.

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The Meaning of Stories

Stories can be for good but can be used for bad I guess, and can teach you lessons. Sometimes if they don’t have rules they can be for fun and can make them to do for maybe future times. Stories don’t always have morals and stuff like that they can be just for fun to listen or to read them and to enjoy them and not always fret about them. Like Conor does all the time likeĀ I don’t want to listen, I thought you said their would be no tricks in this story. it isn’t all about the lessons and morals it can be for fun.

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How I Survive Hard Things

I had a hard time when I cut the top part of my thumb of because I couldn’t do anything I liked to do like football, basketball with my friends but instead we would do other things or make it two hand touch for me instead of tackle or I could rip the stitches off and It could have taken a lot longer to heal. We would also go on trips but I couldn’t go swimming or stuff like that but instead we tried to make something that would keep the water out so I could go swimming but it came of a little later so I had to get out.

I also had a hard time when i broke my finger the year after I cut my thumb and it had lots of the restrictions like the last time. I had got more used to the pain though so I played some basketball and would just try not to hit it to much. I also went on a trip during that too my family went to disney land which was fun but the doctor said not to put my hands up in the air on rides because it could do something which i don’t remember what but I couldn’t do it.

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The Power of Words

I think that the significance is to show that Hitler is using words to take over the world. It think that the tree that the tree could be the fuhrer and that no one really lasts long and they eventually fall like when the tree falls it might mean when the Fuhrer falls and people might see their mistakes. The man in the bed was Max and Liesel was one of the word shakers because she was sad for Max thinking he might die but then instead of the tear just being normal it was the seed and she nurtured it but when Max turned out to be fine she realized maybe that the tree symbolized the Fuhrer and Max showed her that so she let him fall.

The reason this has to do with Liesel because she always wants more books to read with words to learn them to use them to know how to say them and maybe some entertainment because she learned that all words have power. words can have power because they let you speak, they help people understand you, they help you write, they help you to have conversations. What does it have to do with stealing books? Well it has something to do with stealing books because when she get the books and reads them she enjoys herself but more importantly it helps her be a better spokes person, it can help when she is reading to the people in the shelter, it can give people hope and many other things like helping her being able to understand people more. Well words are very powerful because you use them to speak you use them to write stories too. what gives them power is people being able to use them and speak them if you couldn’t use them then they would be pointless.

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You’ve Got a Friend in Rudy

I think that Rudy threw the last race because he realized that he isn’t Jesse Owens and that he needs to have to find out who he is and not trying to be someone else. I like that he is funny and is nice and just wont stop trying to get Liesel to kiss him even though she says no every time. I don’t like how he just stopped trying in the last race because he found out he was a good athlete but then he just gave it away. I think that Liesel will still kiss Rudy even though Death says they won’t i just won’t believe it.

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A Little Light in the Darkness

I think that when things get hard I tend to look for my family. I would also just walk away from it and don’t go back. When things seem hopeless I try to think that it will soon be a better place instead of when the time it is. I also would try to make other people happy so even if it is a bad time they will at least still have a little bit of happiness even in the dark times maybe give them some hope even if they feel like it feels hopeless. Be nice to others even if it won’t do much.

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A Book Thief is Born

She has changed so much from the scared little girl to a girl stealing hardly getting scared she has grown up so much with the Hubermanns and now she can read and doesn’t wet the bed and she steals things and isn’t the scared little scared girl anymore. I think that she has grown into a more likable character because it gives you more action now that she is older like stealing putting up with that kid that is rich but steals so he can have more.

Liesel was a little girl back then and scared now she is bigger well taller than before and she can do lots of things like steal really good and keep up with like everyone in her grade level maybe higher and she can steal almost anything. When she was younger she couldn’t read but now not only van she read pretty good but she steals books from people.

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Max Abandoned His Family

I don’t know if it was an okay decision. No, it was not a good thing to leave them behind and have them die while he has a 50 50 chance in surviving. It was probably only because his Mom told him to go when he didn’t want to when his family wouldn’t be going with him. It might have been a good thing that he left because maybe he could get married and then his family would live on and not all just die. I think that he was right to go because no matter what his family would die and maybe it would have been good if at least one of them made it out alive.

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A good women for a crisis

Rosa wasn’t very likable at the beginning because she was mean abusive and always beat lesiel. Rosa i think is getting better with lesiel because she doesn’t beat her as much but still calls her saumensch. I think she is good in a crisis and even though Max was there she got better because she got nicer and she try’s to get him food even if their isn’t much in the first place she still try’s to get him a full plate of food. Rosa has been very generous to Max because he said only bring me down the scraps but she won’t have it she always brings a thing of food that isn’t scraps.

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