Post #3: News Article

Jakarta floods 2020: Flooding, rain submerges Indonesia capital

In the article, from PBS, it talks about the natural disaster that happened in Indonesia. The country of Indonesia suffers from monsoons and floods every year. This year the floods were extremely bad and caused landslides which buried people under mud. The floods are starting to recede but it has hit the capital heavily.


The main problem happening now is that the floods that came just battered cities. The article says, “Monsoon rains and rising rivers submerged a dozen districts in the greater Jakarta area and caused landslides that buried at least a dozen people.” The big monsoons that came this year have just caused a lot of damage to the country.


The country is in a spot where floods just happen every year and so they can’t really prevent floods from happening. While the floods this year were a lot worse than previous years the country still functions and is the largest economy in Southeast Asia. While it doesn’t really impact the US I think that if more people know about this then there might be more relief given to Indonesia.


Post #2: Background Information

The population of Indonesia in 2020 is 273,523,615. Most of the population is located on the island Java in the capital city Jakarta. Surabaya is the second largest city is roughly one fourth the size of Jakarta’s urban center. It is also a major port and industrial hub.

There are many languages spoken in Indonesia but one that is taught throughout schools is Bahasa Indonesian. Other languages are Javanese, Malay, and 669 indigenous languages. English is now being understood as well.

Indonesia is the fourth-largest producer of coal in the world and is the largest producer of biofuels in the world. They consumed 263.32 terawatts per hour in 2018.

About 90% of the population is Muslim with pockets of Christians scattered here and there.

Indonesia became a country in 1945 after pressure from the people came from the Japanese emperor surrendering.

Indonesia is the largest economy in ASEAN and is an active member of G20, APEC, and ASEAN.,of%20the%20total%20world%20population.

Post #1: Introduction

I am researching Indonesia. I chose to research Indonesia because I wanted to do a country that was an island and Indonesia was the first that I saw.

I think that I will discover a lot of different culture and traditions. I don’t have any questions heading in to this research but I feel that it will be fun.