Tell Me About It

Recently Ive been stressed out about a lot. In choir we and some friends were bad and Mr manning lowered my grade and no one elses and it makes me so mad. And this week my mom has been mad at me about my grade in math its a B+ and its almost an A- I just need to keep turning in my asigments. Then also playing video games is like super relaxing for me and my mom just gets so mad at me all the time for playing the and im like all my work is done and then she says read a book and im like what. but thats all.


What Am I Reading???

The book im currently reading is baseball genius, double play. Its the second book in the series and its pretty good so far. The first one was actually really good but it kinda ended on a cliff hanger so I immediatly bought this book right after i finished the first one. Just to explain the first one real quick its about Jalen DeLuca and he can preddict the pitches in baseball. He gets caught by James Yager and his career is going down so Jalen helps James get his career back up and running good. Now, james doesnt think he needs Jalen to help him and he tells Jalen he doesnt need him. Now jalen can focus on his own baseball team and help his dad with the diner.

Who Am I As A Reader.

One of my favorite hobbie is to read. Its kinda hard to do it at home cause im always thinkin about other stuff to do. But I love reading so much. My favorite books to read are sci fi books and fantasy, they are always so good and give you such a good imagination. Ive always felt that ive been a good reader, once I start a book I always want to know whats gonna happen next. Sometimes when I hate reading the most is when the teacher makes us read a book that is horrible. In elementery school, it was the worst every book was the most boring book ever and I hated it.


How I Did During First Term.

I honestly feel like I didnt do that bad last term. Theres still tons of things I could work on but, I missed a good amount of days. Because, I always had football games that were at like 3;30 so I had to leave early and missed 4th period a ton. However, in math I couldve done a lot better. I didnt even do the math project and turned in my homework late a few times. Also, a big problem I have is just I completly dont pay attention and read my book or start thinking Star Wars or what im gonna do when I get home. But a goal of mine is to turn in my homework on time and no matter how much days I miss give my most effort.

The Power Of Words.

With almost every book, they have characters and the author makes you care about the character, or sometimes hate. Some of my favorite books are the ones where I love the character and author decides to have the certain character go through something hard. And being honest it kinda makes you worry for them and hope that things will get better soon. However, in almost all books I read I get the feels for the character and worry if anything bad happens, so I don’t know if the Authors words are just good or I’m just a weenie. But, the power of words determines the book by a long shot.

What I look for in a good character.

In all stories there is always a character. Doesnt matter if they’re human, animal or an alien. Books always have a character. And one of best characters and one of the best books ive ever read is Michael Vey, writin by Richard Paul Evans. Michael Vey is the main character in the book and he is the best. There’s numerous of times when he’s given up himself to sacrifice for his friends and family. And when it doesnt work out and they capture him then torture him, he never gives up. He always belives in his friends and encourages them and helps them feel better. SPOILER. He dies in the 6th book I think at it was pretty dang emotional. Like I always knew he was gonna come back after he died but it wasnt till the end of the 7th book when he actually did, And the whole time reading the 7th book all I wanted was this character to come back and come in clutch and it did and I was satisfied with the book. And Richard Paul Evans did a real good job with all the characters in the whole series.

What kind of writer am I?

I think that im pretty good where im at with writing. Its easy for me to be creative and make a goofy comedy. Even though I think im good where im at theres still lots of things i have to work on. For example, writing like a informational essay, I hate them. Theyre boring and you dont need to think of create any of your own stuff you just read and summerize what you read  and its stupid. However, argumentive isnt that bad, its a good way to express your thoughts on the subject and ways you would rather see it. But with me I like writing my own stuff I dont like being told what to do Its lame. A goal of mine is to write and publish a book thats crazy, entertaining and funny thatll inspire kids to one day maybe write their own book too.

How I Felt About The First Story

The story I read was The Sniper and it was a very good and engageing story. After seeing lots of Army movies and documentarys I felt like this was very accurate story. It described him as a guy who has seen death, and him being a sniper is very true. The story was very detailed and it described the setting insanely good. When the story got to the end it was breathe taking. There was a sniper on the other side trying to kill him and he had to outsmart him to kill him from behind. Then he started to wonder who it was and if he know him. He went over and turned the body over and it was his brother. the end

Why Do We Read Stories?

Reading stories is such a important part of my life and many others. It helps shape us and our imagination, and inspires us to do greater and better things. Stories help to remind us of what could happen if we didnt do this right or failed to do this. They also can give us a heads up on not do the same thing we did a hundred years before that caused a big problem. Stories keep record of things that we wouldnt have if we didnt write them down. Stories are also a better and funner way to tell people of a crazy thing that happend. Stories areeee great.

The Best Book I’ve Ever Read

One of my all time favorite books ive ever read is Lord Of The Rings, Return Of The King. Its the last book of the lord of the rings trilogy and is the best out of all of them, in my opinion. The Book is a very chalenging book to understand and read, and it took me a a long time to finish it. However, my favorite part of the whole book was when it was mainly talking about Frodo, Sam, and Golem and their journey to Mordor. This part of the book is very suspensful and exciting. But after reading the book I felt very acomplished and happy cause the book was a very hard read, but a very a  good one too.

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