Im A Big Kid Now!

Looking back at the school year I was not a fan of English. I had Ms. Baltich 7th grade and It was horrible. I had Bushmen for 8th. And after that I was not ready for English every year so far sucked and now it got a lot better. This year was way fun and it was great. thx mr green.

Secret Secrets are no fun; secrets secrets hurt someone

Juliet and Romeo are scared to tell people because people think they’re dumb/ A traitor to their family. If Juliet talked to Capulet and said that she liked Romeo before all of this then Tybalt wouldnt have killed Mercutio. And then Tybalt and Mercutio would be alive. If I keep stuff from my parents to keep away from trouble it usually ends up worse than it was gonna be in the first place. I think if none of use kept secrets we would be a lot nicer to eachother and all get along a lot more.

Love Modererately

I think Romeo and Juliet wont workout that good. I think that they wont take the advice given to them. Friar Lawrence is kindve warning them with what he’s saying. He’s saying that its not always gonna workout out and even with how much hope the new married couple have its not gonna go well. I think theyre gonna be to extreme and not ready to be a couple yet. Especially with how their families are and how crazy the whole situation actually is. What Friar Lawrence also might be saying is that its not gonna end well with the two kids but its be good for everyone else.


I think why people hate other people for no reason happens a lot. Before I meet some people Im already like, yeah no I dont like this person. There’s this one person that I dislike and I personally think for good reasons. This person can be very fustrating most of the time and always be grumpy for no reason. This person is great, however they can be annoying. And I definetly need to let up on this person a little more. Sometimes i dont get what goes through their head but ive been figuring out that their family isnt the nicest or greatest thing. When I dont focus on the bad stuff and just talk and hangout with this person its great and fun and I dont feel so mad when this person is being weird, and thats something we should all try to do.

What Happened With The Sub.

I did very good with the sub. I was on task and didnt talk a lot and finished my work too. She said I was a good noodle. However, lots of the people in class were very bad. They wouldnt stop talking and were being mega annoying. The sub was a pretty good sub. She was decently strict but pretty good. But as a class “we” were pretty bad. -mainly like 10 people. Everyone could have dont a lot better and we should have been more respectful to her too. But overall everyone did good besides like 10 people and those people should be put down the garbage chute.

Everything I Know About Shakespeare.

I do not know that much about Shakespeare. Reading his books are a little hard. But lots of his stories are pretty fun and good to read. One of my favorite movies is She’s The Man, its based on a shakespeare storie but has a modern twist on it. I know he did write The Tempest and Romeo and Juliet. Both of those stories are okay. I would never really choose any of his books to read becasue I find them a little borring. But shakespeare is not bad its just hes not my type of artist.


Self Assessment is a very helpfull thing with any type of work, especially with school. Just recently, I wrote an essay in english class. We got to Self Assess our own work and see what we needed to work on. For example, I had to work on body paragraphs and mainly finishing my paragraphs on time. After reciving that information I went back to work and fixed what I needed to fix. This helped a lot because my essay would’ve been poo poo. But why self assessment is good because it shows you what you need to work on, and fix.

To Kill A Mockingbird.

Now that were done reading To Kill A Mockingbird I actually enjoyed the book a ton. Usually when we read books that teachers give us I barely pay attention to the book and read my own stuff, but with this one I couldnt stop reading it. One of the main things I like about the book is the view on racism. Its really paints a picture of what life wouldve been like to be black or white in the 1930s. One thing I didnt like is when someone was talking it would switch to some completly random subject but other than that this book is a 11/10.


“We’re making a step.” It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step.” Miss Maudi says this and what she means is that Atticus wont win but he’s the only person that can do what he’s doing. He might not win but he’ll show people the right way of respecting blacks and whites. The reason why I picked it, is because lots of people are probably confused why he’s doing what he’s doing knowing he’s gonna lose. This conversation with Jem and Miss Maudi is explaining to people that who didnt know why Attius was doing this, and thats why I chose it.

Blind Spots

I think if you kill a man you’re not a good man. I think Mr. Cummingham was probably drunk and talked into it because all of his  buddies were, he realized what he was doing and how stupid it was so he called him and his buddies off. The fact that he could be serious about killing Tom then its a lil iffy. But he realized after scout kept talking to him that what he was doing wasnt right. But if scout wasnt there to talk to him then he probably would’ve beaten up Atticus and killed tom, so I think he’s bad but he also has good in him.




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