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Declare My Term 4 Book

The Underdogs by Mike Lupica. I love to read realistic fiction, and that it is a sports book. It’s about basketball. I have read a couple of his books and I like his writing. All of the books I have read have been sports. The level is Teen.
                            THE UNDERDOGS by Mike Lupica

My Favorite Things

One of my favorite things is soccer. I have been playing soccer since I was 4 years old. Soccer is my passion because I love to run and compete. I was on the cross country team and the track team for Pleasant Grove. I have great stamina and I play the most tiring possition on my team. The mid fielder. Being the mid fielder you have to run across the fielder the whole field calling for passes.

Another thing that I love is food. I love food because it tastes amazing and it keeps me alive. Some of my favorite food is sushi, hamburgers, breakfast food, and cookies. Pumpkin cookies are my favorite. Panda Express, Wendy’s, Costa Vida, and Sushi Garden are only some of the great places to eat. Food is a brilliant way to pass time and stress eat. When I am doing my homework I have to be eating somthing or I can’t focus. Food is the great invention of all time.


Finally, my last favorite thing is family. My brothers and sisters are some of my best friends. Going on long road trips are tiring, boring, and somtimes you fill sick. Being cramped next to each other is kind of annyoing. But the more and more we spend time together the better the trips are. Less fighting and yelling. I love visting other family. We have a lot of fun togther.



Some of my familys traditions are that we seIt up a Christmas Tree around December 1-5, we also do the 12 days of Christmas. Every day until Christmas we deliver a present to a family who is lonely in secrect in the dark. We set up Christmas lights, we go out to eat with our mom and but all of our Christmas presents then after we go out to eat.

I’m going to have a “staycation”. Staying home with my family. Me, my brother, and my dad are going to watch to college playoffs on the 29th. Go sledding at some point during the break. Write a small letter to every person in our family and put it in their stocking.

Goals that I have for the new year are I will be nicer to my brother, get a pass at the rec center and go running and work my abs like there is no tomorow. Beat my personal record on the mile and be super fast. Don’t watch any rated R movies that sound good. Buy the best present for my mom next year. Beat my dad at around the world.

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Metacognition of Term 1

Metecognition definition: Awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes. At the beginning of the year I got  1031 on my index card. I think that I improved because I read around 2 books in the summer. I have done assesments that help me understand books better. My best assignment this term would be in me foods class when my group make cookies. I had jam and they were a beautiful yellow brown. I wish that I would have studied better for my math tests so I didn’t have to retake them.

For spring break our family is staying home. On Thursday I am going on a 15 mile bike ride with my dad and brother. I am also going to hang out with my friends, we might go bowling. On Friday is my birthday! I am going to ball boy a college soccer game. After that my grandparents are coming with papa murphyes pizza. Satrday I going on a 25 mile bike ride with the same people as the 15. My dad side of the family is having a halloween party and we are all dressing up. My familys theme is the “Never Ending Story”.

I plan to get good grade ( All A’s). I want to study better for my test and ask my teachers for help. I want to run every day after school with my brother. I want to be able to run a 5k in under 22 minutes.

Declare My Term 1 Bookhttp://www.asdpages.org/calebmcdaniel/?p=12&preview=true

This term I am reading White Fang. The front cover of the copy I have looks like this:

Here is the Amazon Link

I chose this book because It was a Great Illustrated Classic and because I have read a whole lot of them.

The author of my book is Jack London

The reading level, according to amazon is a Classic because its 200 years old

Hello world!

I am Caleb and I like to run and I am on the cross country team. I love Cheerios and turtles. I am the second oldest of the five siblings.

I love to run and eat. I am on a soccer team.

I like to read Classics

I like to watch series of unfortaneant events.

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