I was somewhat confused at first when I read the poem but after reading the annotations and watching the videos it made more sense. I liked the Nike video, because it showed how it was empowering them and it was something that had passion and it sounded like something that pushed them. I feel like this could apply to a lot of people and it shows how some thought their dream would never come true and others were still waiting for the right moment. And at the end where it talks about it exploding really made me think of how some people’s dream might’ve died out but they decided to try again and it exploded and it was them fighting back.

Consider Things From Her Viewpoint

I feel like life for mayella is probably pretty hard and her dad is really mean. I feel like since she’s the oldest and went to school the longest that she probably has to do a lot and help take care of her siblings. I feel like her dad probably was the one that hit her and she didn’t want to say anything because she might’ve thought he would hurt her more. I feel like her life is really hard and she doesn’t know a lot and her dad seems like he doesn’t let her leave. I feel like she just doesn’t know how to respond to certain things because of how she’s been treated.

How I’m Dealing With This Corona Virus Stuff

This is crazy for me, and it’s been really hard. I never realized how much I would miss school until now. I’m having a really hard time because my swim team got cancelled until May, and swim was the place I could go daily to just have a break and swim and get all the stress out. Now I can’t. I can still hang with friends about twice a week, and we have to hang out outside. I’ve been going crazy because of this and I never know what to do after I finish my school work for the day. I’m holding up pretty well, I just wish I could still go to swim and school.

Strange Fruit

I actually liked this poem, because it showed what it was like in the south back then. When I heard billy sing it it really showed how much it related to her and how much heart she put into it, because this was the kind of world they lived in. I think it really expresses how the south was a beautiful place at first but the people were doing horrible things. I think this poem helps show how horrible racism was and the things that people would do because of it. At the end of the poem it says bitter fruit, and it can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the persons view but I though of it as someone saying how horrible it was to see them up there.

Blind Spots

I think what Atticus meant, was that Walter was a good man, because he tried to repay people and make up for things that he needed help with the best he could. When they were going to lynch Tom Robinson, they probably thought it wasn’t a big deal, because it happened so often, and then they wouldn’t have to deal with going through the trial. Walter also realized that he should not do it with the kids around, and I think he probably thought about if it was his own kids there, would he have wanted them to see this.

Real Courage

I like what Atticus says about courage and trying even though you won’t win. It takes courage to stand up for something you believe in, especially when the odds are against you. I think it takes courage to do something you are afraid of, and you might not know what will happen, but you have to try your hardest. I am not a super big fan of doing speaking or anything, infront of a crowd. I have had stage fright and other things like that too. I started choir in 7th grade and I was super scared to sing for an audience, and I still am, but I have done choir through all of junior high now, and for me that took a lot of courage.


I think Atticus is doing the right things, because everyone should get a chance to tell their side of the story and say why they are or aren’t guilty. Even if in the south at this time there was a lot of racism, Tom is still a person and he has a right to a lawyer and to say why he isn’t guilty. I think it is probably very hard for his family, and it might get worse even after the trial is over, but I think he’s trying to show Scout and Jem that they should see others perspectives and they should always try no matter the circumstance, because they can learn from it.

Busy Worrying About the Next World

I think Miss. Maudie, was trying to explain to scout that some people are so stressed out about how the next life will be that they don’t enjoy the experiences of life and doing fun and good things. When Miss Maudie said that the bible is more dangerous in some men’s hands than a whiskey bottle in the hands of a man like Atticus, I think she was saying how some people know what to do when they are in certain situations and they can handle it, while others just go along and follow everyone else and they don’t think about the consequences.

Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

Atticus was trying to explain to Scout, that she needs to see things from Miss Caroline’s point of view. She is new to teaching and to the town of Maycomb, so she does not know much of what she should do, and she doesn’t know the same things the kids know. He says that she would get along with all sorts of folk if she tried it. I think this means that if she saw all sorts of different things, like Miss Caroline’s situation and Walter Cunningham’s situation, through their eyes that she would understand how they think about certain situations, and problems, and why they think that way.

Where I’m From

I don’t know much further back then from where my parents grew up and lived. My mom lived in Utah all of her life and lived in different areas, like over in sandy. My dad lived in many different states, but he lived in a small town in California until he was 9 years old. After living there my grandparents would move a lot for my grandpa’s job. My parents met in Illinois in college and now live here. I have lived in Pleasant Grove my whole life. I have never moved and lived in a different house. I have always lived in PG and I love it here.