Post #2: Background Information

As of 2018 the population count for New Guinea 8.606 million. The largest city in New Guine,  is Port Moresby with a population of 310,000 people which is the capital of the country another major city in New guinea is the city of Lae with a population of 100,677 people. The three major languages spoken are Tok Pisin,Hiri Motu, and English. About 39.9 percent of the population in New Guinea is living in poverty and is considered one of the higher number of countries in the pacific living in poverty.75% of the natives work in agriculture and only 36% of those facilities have clean running water. the main religion practice in New Guinea is Christianity 95.6% of their population is christian with 3.3% of the population having native or indigenous beliefs. New Guinea was granted independence on July 1, 1949 after being overtaken by countries in the past. new guinea is widely known for its recorces including recorces like gold copper, gas, coffee,cocoa and bananas. New Guinean is also known for its hospitable and kind people.,%2C%20silver%2C%2

Papua New Guinea’s Poverty Rate

Post #1: Introduction

I picked the country of  New Guinea I picked it because I was the “leader” of that country in a history class activity and I thought why not. I don’t know exactly what to expect from learning about this country but I’m hoping it has some interesting culture and history.