Book Review


By: Wendelin Van Draanen

When I was looking for a book to read, this book immediately caught my eye. The cover was a boy and a girl holding hands in a tree with a sunset in the background. I love realistic fiction because ther is so much that you can relate to in the book. I know that I can sometimes relate to the main characters, Bryce and Julie. I can sometimes think that people are annoying like Bryce, and I can sometimes think that people are cute like Julie.

This book is a great example of the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” In the book, the first time Julie saw Bryce, she thought he was so cute. She loved his blue eyes. Later in the book, she found out that Bryce is different on the inside. However, Bryce has always thought of Julie as the annoying girl who smelled his hair. How he feels about her in the end will surprise you. I recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic fiction. It’s a really good book.

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