April 12

Post #2: Background Information

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Thailand is a constitutional monarchy and is ruled by King Maha Vajiralongkorn. It is locally known as the Kingdom of Thailand and has a population of 69 million people. Most people (14 million) live in the capital, Bangkok. The next biggest city is Samut Prakan with 388,920 people which is full of historical and cultural sights to see. In Thailand the main language spoken there is Thai with the baht as their currency. The religion is Buddhism and is seen and practiced often. Thailand has many resources such as gold, tin, lead, zinc, coal, tungsten, manganese, and many rivers. Their main source of energy is either coal or oil fired plants. Thailand is the worlds largest rice exporter and has many other agricultural products such as: sugarcane, cassava, rubber, tobacco, cashew nuts, fruit, cocoa, cotton, corn and soybeans. Their life expectancy for males is 71 years old, and 79 years for women. Thailand is most known for their delicious food items and creative meals.