April 30

Post #4: Short story

No Gifts from War is a poem about a father who left his family to fight for his country.  Everyone is worried about him and wants him to come home safe. They talk about the struggle to chose between fighting from your family or for your home. The father’s family hears of people dying every day and continue to hope that he is not among the casualties. The family needs each other. The father doesn’t want to leave his family and be a soldier, but it’s his duty to his country. The poem references many different items on the farm where they live, like rubber trees and oleander. These show the different area that they live in and what their day to day life is like on the plantation. The father has to leave because of his duty to his country. This also lets the reader know that in Thailand certain people have to leave when a war begins so they can fight. The whole poem has a specific feel to it that seems to take you into the story itself. Almost like you’re living the character’s lives yourself.

The theme or message of No Gifts from War is about making sacrifice. It’s hard for the father to leave his farm and family. However, what makes it worse is that there is a high risk of never coming home again. They’re all afraid that they’ll lose him to the war. No one wants to accept the truth that he might not make it back, but that just shows how much love the father has to his relatives. He’s willing to fight for his life to save those he cares about most. The poem has many creative and interesting words that the author uses to catch the readers attention. Different adjectives show the hard life of a Thai citizen and help you imagine the surroundings in their war stricken country. The syntax allows the poem to flow well and keep the story alive instead of using normal sentence structures.

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April 20

Post #3: News Article

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On October 13th, 2016 Thailand’s beloved King died. One year after, a five day cremation ceremony took place. He had ruled for over 70 years and was greatly loved and respected by his people. He tried to avoid conflict with other countries and protect and help the citizens. $90 million was budgeted for the funeral and 230,000 yellow marigolds were used for the actual ceremony and for decoration around the city. They used yellow flowers to show their loyalty and represent the day he was born. The ceremony was Hindu based, which meant the people gathered in the streets were there to “send him back to the heavens.” The Thai people said the ceremony was too important to miss so they came from all over the country and waited in lines for hours just to be a part of their king’s passing. With their ruler deceased, they have now made his son their king. Although they all mourn their loss, his heir is ready to take the throne and hopefully rule just as great as his father did before him. There were no issues in determining who would be the next leader of the country, and the Thai are ready to accept this new era.

This information should be made well known across the world. The more people know about international news, the more we can relate and empathize with other countries. We should be interested in becoming informed about current events in other countries. After all, knowledge is power.

April 12

Post #2: Background Information

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Thailand is a constitutional monarchy and is ruled by King Maha Vajiralongkorn. It is locally known as the Kingdom of Thailand and has a population of 69 million people. Most people (14 million) live in the capital, Bangkok. The next biggest city is Samut Prakan with 388,920 people which is full of historical and cultural sights to see. In Thailand the main language spoken there is Thai with the baht as their currency. The religion is Buddhism and is seen and practiced often. Thailand has many resources such as gold, tin, lead, zinc, coal, tungsten, manganese, and many rivers. Their main source of energy is either coal or oil fired plants. Thailand is the worlds largest rice exporter and has many other agricultural products such as: sugarcane, cassava, rubber, tobacco, cashew nuts, fruit, cocoa, cotton, corn and soybeans. Their life expectancy for males is 71 years old, and 79 years for women. Thailand is most known for their delicious food items and creative meals.