Book review #1: City of Bones

 City of bones by Cassandra Clare…  544 pages… 4 stars…

The main character is Clarissa “Clary” Fray. The book starts in a club called Pandemonium. Clary is with her friend Simon, who is not a fan of clubs. While she is there, she sees a teenager get followed into a room by three other teenagers, one of them with a knife! The teen that was followed was actually a demon, and the three that followed were demon hunters.

How it gets complicated: Clary’s mother is captured by Valentine. Clary needs to find her mom and escape with her life. She needs help from Jace, Isabelle, and Alec, the teenagers from the club.

What I liked: I liked the book as a whole. I loved the story, mostly because I am a huge fantasy nerd. I have always liked it when authors take a fantasy idea and put it with modern times. I really liked the word choice and description.

What I disliked: I wish that the author would have described the story better, and the story was a little rushed.

Recommendation: I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good story. I really enjoyed this book and would hands down give it to anyone who is anything like me.

Are books Dangerous??

Yes, books can be dangerous for people with certain ideals that certain books go against. Like, for instance, The Shoulder Shrug is in the perspective of a Jew, and they are not depicted as horrible people. If the people of Germany at the time of Hitler and the Nazi party read that book, they would realize that Jews are not as bad as Hitler believed.  Of course this would have ruined the Third Reich, so that is why the books were dangerous at this time of Germany, because this could have made people realize that Hitler was wrong, therefore killing off the Nazi ideals.

Fate or Chance

I think that when lucky things happen, it is a coincidence. When Leisel meets Rudy, I believe that there was no divine intervention or anything like that. Also, when Eric volunteers Hans to write the letters, that was all Eric’s idea. I believe that we cannot judge everything that happens in this life on the idea that everything we do is for one purpose and one purpose only. I believe that we need to recognize that we can set our own destinies. Also, just because everything in a book seems to go perfectly, we should not base our lives off of things that may seem perfect from a story book.

Max abandoned his family…

I believe Max did the right thing. He couldn’t have sent one of his younger cousins because a little kid or teenager walking down the street alone would look especially suspicious. His family basically pushed him out of the door, so what choice did he have? I believe that Max did what he had to. When we lose the people that we care about, it rips a hole in us. I do not believe it was any easier for Max to leave his family than for them to see him go. So no, I no not believe that max did a wrong thing.

Say what #3 ecstacy

Source: The Book Thief, Markus Zusak, page 128

Context: On the other hand, he was also enjoying the ecstasy of an idea, not daring just yet to envision its complications, dangers, and vicious absurdities.

Theirs: an overwhelming feeling of great happiness:  google

Mine: When you get really happy.

Deep thinker #1

 Source: The Book Thief, Markus Zusak page 132.

Quote: A draft made itself known.

Context: Liesel was taking laundry to the Mayor’s wife. She just opened the door, and Liesel thought the mayor’s wife knew that she stole a book.

This makes me think that whenever we think that we are going to get in trouble, there seems to be a “draft.” This means that when we feel uncertainly about a situation, there always seems to be a period of time where we feel the presence of a very stressful situation, sometimes it feels like a draft. I don’t think the author meant this in a figurative way, but this got me thinking about my future with any troubles that I face. Will the draft blow me away so that I don’t face the problem at hand, or will I face anything that comes at me? I want to be sure that I will beat the crap out of anything in my way.

The Book Thief so far………….

I like The Book Thief so far because of how Markus Zusak writes. It is very interesting and compelling. I have always liked war stories, so this book is especially good literature in my point of view. My favorite character in the book so far is Rudy, because of how much courage he has with girls.  Also, the narrator, Death, is very good and interesting. I  am definitely guessing that someone dies at the end, mostly because the narrator is Death. I don’t really like Rosa because she is very rude to everyone, especially Hans, who is my favorite character.

My Favorite Book….

My Favorite Book is Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson. My friend recommended it and at first I wasn’t sure because it was a romance, but after reading like 20 pages, I got sucked in. I loved every part of it except when Marianne keeps thinking that Philip is too flirty with everyone, including her. I especially liked when Marianne’s sister Cecily was so set on getting Philip, but Marianne did instead. I liked this part because Cecily was a brat to her sister and everyone, calling Marianne less pretty than most and calling her unimportant and all that, and Marianne won, and it was so satisfying.