Steelheart’s eyes shot open as a piercing noise interrupted his sleep. He glanced towards the window expecting to see the early light of Chicago seeping in through the glass pane, but his eyes were only met with the dark cityscape. Calamity had rose just a year ago and he still hadn’t gotten used to the different times. The city itself seemed eerily quiet, even for this early in the day. 

Another noise sounded in the darkness, this time it was much more discernible as glass crunching. He sat up moving quickly to the door trying hard to avoid any of the creaky boards in his apartment his heart pumped loudly in his ears. He reached for the doorknob to his bedroom door as he listened to the muffled shuffling on the other side. Right when he was about to touch the doorknob it started turning. 

His eyes widened and he stumbled back stepping on the boards he tried so hard to avoid. The door burst open letting in harsh light and the silhouette of a tall man. For a second the world seemed to stop as they stared at each other equally in surprise each noticing what the other looked like in the bright light. The man stood tall easily six feet, with a simple black t-shirt and blue jeans. Steelheart was much more scrawny back then as he hadn’t filled out. His clothes were just a T-shirt and some sweatpants. Then the figure reached behind his back to grab something, Steelheart jumped forward pushing the man back. The man tripped backwards falling and a gun clattered on the ground behind him just knocked from his grasp. The gun glinted in the light and Steelheart shoved through his door kicking past the man and reached for it. The figure rolled over grabbing Steelheart by the ankles and yanking hard, slamming him down on the ground and dragging him backwards. Steelheart started kicking hard, thrashing his feet around and clawing for anything to give him more grip. Finally catching something and tossing it behind him. The first one he missed but the second one landed hard and the attacker let go which allowed Steelheart to pull forward to the gun. He spun around gripping the weapon and pointing it at the figure. The figure stood with his hands up and Calamity just visible in the window behind him.

“Look I-I’m sorry. I j-just needed to pay rent…” the man stuttered.

But the words fell on deaf ears as Steelheart pulled the trigger over and over. The man fell to the ground his eyes still wide open. But something was wrong. Steelheart didn’t feel remorse at all, in fact he almost felt joy. Which deep down terrified him a little.

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  1. Wow. That is some action! The dialogue really adds to the story and makes it even more action packed. Thanks!

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