In the book Every Day by David Levithan the main character is a person or thing named A. A changes bodies every day and the issue it covers in the book is what determines how or who you love, but not only this it also goes over pretty much every other large social issue. The list that I came up with is: Why/Who you love, homosexuality, depression, illegal immigrants, body shaming and drug use.

I like that it brings up these issues that not a lot of people feel comfortable talking about especially in or around school for fear of offending people or not being informed enough to talk about it. What I didn’t like about this was how forced it felt and how crammed in all of the issues felt. The only one that didn’t feel that forced was who you love and why you love them which is why it stood out so much.

The reason it didn’t feel as forced is because it had almost the entire story line centered around it and every other social issue happening was only a side affect of what was happening with the main story line. Honestly it was still nice that it talked about them and it gave me an interesting point of view on them, so I would say it is good enough that they should keep it in but not good enough to keep it how it is if that makes sense.

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