The first picture is of snow obviously. I took this picture because it captured the image of how the mountains of Fjerda looked in my head as they were heading towards the Ice Court.

This picture reminded me of when Nina gets put in the cell by Matthias’ old mentor. The clear desperation of Nina is really shown here. I thought this was a really touching moment when Matthias finally freed her rather than killing her like his mentor was instructing.

This horse just reminded me of the old time feel of the book. It seems to have this medieval sense to the book and a lot of it is implied rather than just told. Just like this statue. It could have been modeled for 4 years ago and I wouldn’t even know. But it feels like it was made way before that.

So far I’ve really enjoyed this book and it has been constructed in a way that it seems fairly believable and only a few parts feel forced onto the reader with little to no preparation. The conflict is almost entirely resolved at this point because I’m only a couple pages from the end, but for the most part it feels like it all made sense and wasn’t rushed.

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