Lit Circle #2 Final Blog Post

I’m not super familiar with songs as I normally just listen to whatever is on the radio, but some of the songs that were chosen I feel fit near perfect with the characters and with the scenes. The first one that I think fit fairly well was Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. This one is […]

Book talk #2

The book I used for my second book talk was Worlds Aligned by Gregory Felix. Overall the book was okay and I would personally give it 4 out of 5 stars. Although I feel like this book was meant for a younger audience than me because the plot felt more simplistic than I am used […]

Blog #6 Connector Pictures

The first picture is of snow obviously. I took this picture because it captured the image of how the mountains of Fjerda looked in my head as they were heading towards the Ice Court. This picture reminded me of when Nina gets put in the cell by Matthias’ old mentor. The clear desperation of Nina […]

Blog #5 Christmas

After watching the video I was interested in the Midnight Robber, but I’ll probably never get around to reading it. I have received several books for Christmas with the most memorable one being Oathbringer. I was so excited about it because I had been waiting over a year for it to come out. I read […]

Blog #4

In the book Every Day by David Levithan the main character is a person or thing named A. A changes bodies every day and the issue it covers in the book is what determines how or who you love, but not only this it also goes over pretty much every other large social issue. The […]

Blog #3 Series Project

I’m going to start reading the Powder Mage trilogy by Brian McClellan. You may recognize the name because of my previous blog about the first book in the series. I’ve already started on the second book in the series and can’t wait to finish it. I decided to read these because my brother recommended them […]

Book Talk

For my book I read Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan which is based in high fantasy and has multiple systems of magic. It follows several major main characters but I think the most important ones are Field Marshal Tamas, Tamas’ son Taniel, and Tamas’ investigator Adamat. The book starts out with Tamas overthrowing the […]

Blog #2 Steelheart’s Backstory

Steelheart’s eyes shot open as a piercing noise interrupted his sleep. He glanced towards the window expecting to see the early light of Chicago seeping in through the glass pane, but his eyes were only met with the dark cityscape. Calamity had rose just a year ago and he still hadn’t gotten used to the […]

Blog #1 Who I am as a reader

I really enjoy reading fantasy and fiction novels rather than nonfiction because the plots can be so much more outlandish and interesting. I first learned to read when I was very young because both of my parents were big on reading. I’ve always enjoyed high fantasy books, but my favorite book/series has changed a couple […]

Hello world!

Welcome to your brand new blog at ASD Pages Sites. To get started, simply log in, edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you. For assistance, visit our comprehensive support site, check out our Edublogs User Guide guide or stop by The Edublogs Forums to chat with other […]