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This article from exploria talks about how India is growing their military to help defend against the growing militaries around it. it goes over how the unrest of the country as the powers around them grow and become a threat to their way of life. they have a huge number of people for their military, they just need better technology to compete with the surrounding countries.

this could be a probelm for us because a growing power in the world can mean we loose our influence over the dollar and military strength.

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In India, the current population is 1.353 billion people.

New Delhi is the capital city and currently 257 thousand people.
There are lots of fancy buildings with historical and religious backgrounds to go visit.
Hindi is the primary language spoken there at 43% of the population speaks it.
Agriculture is the main source of income there at 58%.
Over 80% of the country practices Hinduism
Important Days of India
January 12 National Youth Day
January 15 Army Day
January 26 Republic Day
January 30 Martyrs’ Day
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