Book Club Response 2

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In my book so far ive learned that the hardest thing for her to do is trust. Anybody could be on her side, but at the same time anybody could be on Hitlers side. I’m at the point of the book where she is almost done with the races, You quickly learn that all the racers would literally do anything to win, they would stab someone or kill someone if it meant winning. The emotions portrayed by Yael are very real and hit close to home for me. It makes me feel bad and empathy for a 17-year old girl who can shape shift and has the responsibility to kill Hitler. She has to take into consideration that all the racers, and the man she is trying to kill, are all real people with blood pumping through their veins, with real family’s who have feelings for them. All this thinking makes it very tough and brave. She keeps 5 wolves tattooed on her arm to remember all that was lost. Its the one of the main reasons she keeps going.

the first scene talked about is when the racers are captured by Russians. They break away using a Russian transport making the getaway a lot quicker. This is important in the book because it takes a lot of time in the race and sets Yael back a ton. Along with the trauma that comes with it.

The next scene talked about is when Yael is dancing with Hitler and begins telling him her name. She begins to shoot him in the chest but as hes falling to the ground he begins to shape shift. This is important because it leads to many different conclusions that can be thrown at you. Did Hitler die a long time ago and someone took his place? or was this a setup and Hitler is far off hiding somewhere.

This story is taken place when the WW2 was happening and it takes place as if the axis powers won instead of the US. She does a good job showing her emotions based on the fact that the world is way worse of a place due to it being run by Nazis.

Book Club Response 1

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Right now im at the point in the book where yael just finished her face race as impersonating a professional bike racer. She placed 3rd overall and is qualified for the next race out of 4. She is very nervous throughout but it shows that if you are brave you can accomplish anything.

The author, Ryan Graudin was born in Charleston, south Carolina, with a pretty severe case of wanderlust, when shes not traveling, she’s busy writing and spending time with her husband and wolf dog. she does research based on location but is made mostly out of creativity.

I predict that she will get better and better at racing and will eventually get to Hitler to complete the mission of killing him. She is very brave and i believe she is able to do the impossible


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