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During the Vietnam War Cambodia was aiding Vietnam with food, and other supplies. The United States didn’t like this, so in order so cut off the supply routes between the two countries the U.S. dropped an estimated 500,000 tons of explosives on eastern Cambodia. The bombardment started covertly as an effort to cut off supplies used by the Viet Cong. But in 1969 under President Nixon it expanded into full fledged carpet-bombing. In effect rice farmers left their land and retreated to the capital where the bombing hadn’t yet reached. With all the farmers in the capital and refugees pouring in from Vietnam, the capital had no food to feed the millions who had sought protection in the capital. The United States loaned a few hundred million dollars to the Cambodian government to feed and clothe the refugees from both the countryside and Vietnam. Now that Cambodia has emerged from a era of war, President Trump wants that money back, with interest.

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