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In the land of Cambodia there lived a hermit. People rarely saw him, for he lived in solitude atop a mountain. People talked, and word spread that the hermit possessed magical powers. Many wanted to learn the hermits secrets including the lovely goddess of water Moni Mekhala. So she swam through the air to the hermit’s home and asked him to teach her, he agreed. The goddess’s actions were followed by an ogre by the name of Ream Eyso who also wanted to know the ways of magic. As the lessons came to an end he called the attentive students to his side and offered a test. He handed both the goddess and the ogre an empty glass and explained that the test was to fill the glass with morning dew, return to him first and receive a prize. Ream Eyso went home to rest and prepare for the morning, Moni Mekhala simply went down to the end of the hill laid out a blanket and fell asleep. In the morning Ream Eyso began squeezing dew from leafs, but the goddess had a different idea. She picked up her blanket that was drenched with morning dew and wringed it out filling her glass. When Moni Mekhala arrived at the hermit’s house in first place she received her prize a magical crystal ball studded with jewels. When Ream Eyso returned he received a golden axe for his prize. But when he learned of the goddess’s prize he became furious he marched into the heavens and found the goddess of water he began chasing her while throwing his magical golden axe. But whenever he throws his axe she leaps and dodges the axe. In this never-ending chase between the goddess and the ogre, the people of Cambodia believe that when Ream Eyso throws his axe it causes thunder and when Moni Mehhala (Goddess of Water) leaps it causes rain.

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