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The kingdom of Cambodia has had a great deal of bad thinghs happen throughout their history

Cambodia went through a false dawn of indepence in 1953, which led to a civil war in 1970. the country didn’t really get back on it’s feet until after the UN-sponsred elections in 1993. today a lot of the population still live on 1 US$ a day.

Cambodia has a population of 16.01 million people. the country’s population has increased a lot since 1980. Most of the population live around the Mekong river and Tonle sap. Only about 10% of the country lives in the capital. Only 18% lives in Urban areas, which makes Columbia a country of mostly rural dwellers if you campare it to the 76% of the amarican population that lives in urban areas.

Cambodias capital is Phnom Penh and the population of the capital is 1.502 million people

another major city is Battambang, which is a great place to visit for good restaurants and to learn about Cambodias past. the

official language of Cambodia is Khmer

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