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post #4 story/ legend and poem

My poem was about how a grown up had to choose to buy a thing from one of many children. He feels happiness standing among the kids, because they bring him peace. the thought about only being able to buy things from one of the kids. that only one of them will be able to bring a penny home is killing him. making a decision is killing him, but not making one is even worse.

the way he describes how the children look at him with adorable eyes,

beautiful garments embroidered with love, when he was a child they explored the world for a living

this all tells me that these are just small, young and innocent children but they don get to live like children. no. they have to work to stay alive. they have to help their parents just for the family to have enough money.

the poem does not repeat sentences but the ending of the sentences is usually the same in each strophe.

How can I choose only one from so many,
sharing their burden and wealth for a penny


I think the main idea is to tell us about what it is like to be kid in Cambodia, and how hard it is for the adults who in a way to choose which one of the children get to live.


garments embroidered – that is not usually something you would wear in America. it tells me that they are more old school in Cambodia and make their own clothes my hand instead of in a factory




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  1. Thanks for getting this in and adding these details from your piece!

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