Post #4: Story/ Legend/ Poem

I read the Japanese legend of The Beginning of the World.  There was chaos everywhere, and the universe seemed confused before the earth was created. There was light and noise all of a sudden, and then the earth was created. Then the gods appeared. There were many gods that had many roles. The story mostly described each god. It would say their name and when they were created.

One phrase the story used was “chaos, unimaginably limitless.” I like this because it shows how the universe was before it was created, according to this legend. The story used the word, “Medusa-like” to describe that it went all directions. The syntax was not very good. There was not a variety of sentence structure, and most sentences were very long.  The main idea was to describe the Japanese gods and how they believe the earth was built. This story helps me understand Japanese culture because it describes what they believe. It also uses Japanese names and gods.

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Post #3: News Article

Trump does not value our relationship with Japan very much, or at least that is what it seems in this article. Japan is upset because America will not make a deal with them. Japan seems to really value our relationship and wants to continue building it. The President of the USA and the President of Japan recently had a meeting, but Japan was not satisfied with it. They did not get what they wanted out of it. Trump says he believes that our relationship with Japan is secure and safe, but people in Japan disagree. We view Japan and the culture very differently then the reality. Japan loves America and appreciates us more then we appreciate them.

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Post #2: Background Information

The population of Japan is 126.4 million. Many people live in crowded cities that are along the coast. 13 million people live in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. That is a lot of people in one city compared to the 3 million people that live in the entire state of Utah. Yokohama is another major city in Japan. There is a very beautiful beach there. They speak Japanese in Japan, but the minority languages include:Ainu, Bonin English, Nivkh, Orok, and Russian. The major religions are Shintoism and Buddhism.  In 1853 the US forced Japan to open a foreign influence. The life expectancy is 87 years old for women.

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Post #1: Introduction

The country I selected is Japan. I was interested in this country because my sister went on her mission there. I am interested in learning more about the culture. How is the culture different from U.S. culture? What important historical events have happened?

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