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Blog Post #4- Book Show & Tell

February 14, 2020 by Charlotte   

For my book show and tell the book I chose is Lock Every Door, by Riley Sager.


Jules Larson is broke, jobless and just broken up with her boyfriend. She has nowhere to go and is crashing on her friend’s couch. She sees an ad for a job apartment sitting at a prestigious building for the rich and famous, The Bartholomew. The job seems too good to be true, she gets to live in a luxurious apartment, and get paid to do it. However when she gets the job there are a lot of weird rules, she can’t have any visitors, she cannot spend any nights away from the apartment, and she can’t disturb any other people living in the building. Soon after she begins her new job Jules meets Ingrid, another apartment sitter who seems suspicious of The Bartholomew’s supposed dark past. Ingrid and Jules become friends, and Jules learns more about Ingrid’s worries, but soon enough Ingrid goes missing. Jules vows to find her friend, worried that something bad has happened to her. Throughout the book Jules investigates the disappearance of Ingrid, the history of The Bartholomew, and discovers that something sinister and dark is going on.


Lock Every Door is a thrilling book that grips you right from the beginning. The premise is very captivating, a luxurious apartment building in Manhattan with a sinister secret to hide. It’s really easy to connect to the main character, Jules, and feel like you are right there with her, trying to solve the mystery. The whole book I wanted to yell at Jules to run out of that building and never look back, but I also wanted to know the truth too. It’s suspenseful and you feel like you never know who you can trust and who you can’t. My favorite part was the ending, I thought the plot twist was great. I didn’t expect it, but it also wasn’t so far out of left field that it made no sense. There were clues throughout the book to lead to the ending, but I was still shocked by it. The ending is pretty dark, and the book is very suspenseful and scary throughout so I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. I think anybody that likes horror movies would like this book a lot, or really just anyone who wants to read something thrilling.


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  1. rrhodehouse says:

    Thanks for sharing this one with us! I really want to check it out!

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