These are my notes and ideas from today’s research session. These are all responses and ideas about character development meant for Mariah.


YES she shall be borderline OCD and a perfectionist


Maybe she’ll have some sort of mental disorder like PTSD, and a seperate semi-terminal illness. I think it would be cute because she’ll have flashbacks and her new boy will just cradle her in his arms while she’s hyperventilating, or screaming, or freaking out. Maybe the PTSD could even come from her ex. Read the book Willow it is my favorite and can really help to get the idea of it and you can see how Willow’s boyfriend deals with it.


Also this is a little risky for my sanity but I know a lot about M.S. (aka multiple sclerosis). It’s the worst of the diseases that my dad has and is virtually an incurable cancer. There are two different types but it pretty much means you could die any day and you get no clue as to when. It also makes it hard to do some activities. Some days you won’t be able to walk and some days you will be sporty and spry-ish. Maybe it could work for her. I would love to hear some more little details like this about the guy so I can create this girl in relation to this guy.


Oh, and no repeating previous events sounds good. What do you think?