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Today I did some deep reflection on what my focus is and the reason I am doing this so I can stay motivated. I also revised my writing which took FOREVER. I need to get together with Mariah to do… Continue Reading →


Today I went over ideas from Mariah and made sure my project was ready, but I spent most of the time with Maya so she could do my makeup for her project. I have LOVED SIPS because we can spend… Continue Reading →


Today I wrote some notes to Mariah on our shared google doc, and I finished the first chapter and got a start on the next.  Mariah and I are going to write as much as we can and present what… Continue Reading →

Final SIPS Blog Post

For my SIPS project I wrote a sneak peak of a book (a prologue and 3 chapters) with my friend Mariah Campbell.  I chose this for my project because I absolutely love writing (especially short stories) and I wanted to… Continue Reading →


Here’s what I worked on today: I revised a section of my writing and wrote a little more after adding to my shared thoughts google doc. “Maybe it’s a mental disorder?” I have a lot of those “She’s traumatized she’s… Continue Reading →

SIPS day #4

My learning is coming along fantastically. I think I’ve learned more in one day than I ever thought I could. I’m struggling with getting distracted by my own thoughts. How I plan to solve this is to channel each of… Continue Reading →

SIPS Day #3

Wowee here’s my thoughts and communication with Mariah…. OOF my head is spinning out of control. I’ve also answered some character development questions about Medly’s beliefs. “I think Lance’s sister should be somewhere around nine years old? I had set… Continue Reading →

Sips day #2

Today I focused solely on character development. Mainly the how of developing a realistic, interesting character. I spent practically forever gathering development questions. I gathered around 100 questions and I also collaborated with Mariah on some details of the main… Continue Reading →

SIPS #1- Today’s Progress

These are my notes and ideas from today’s research session. These are all responses and ideas about character development meant for Mariah.   YES she shall be borderline OCD and a perfectionist   Maybe she’ll have some sort of mental… Continue Reading →

My SIPS project pitch

1 ~ Interest A really really strong interest of mine is writing. I love it so much and I can’t help but fantasize about the perfect book and whatever book I  may be reading throughout my day. I have whole… Continue Reading →

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